The Real Me

If you wish to know if I have any credibility at all to talk about personal development,  you are looking in the wrong place.  That’s found in the Professional Background tab  and includes my educational background and what I have done professionally.  This 1st person bio is written for those who want an inside look at me, the person.  Frankly whenever I am asked for a resume so that one can introduce me to an audience, I offer very few details, because what is important is not about what I have done for previous audiences, but rather what I will do with and for  the audience seated before me.

My biggest claim to fame is that I am the mother of five children born within seven years of one another, and a grandmother of 12, with a 13th on the way!  Some of my children and grandchildren are in the photo above as we crowded into an elevator of my new residence. According to me, I was a great mom.  According to them, well, you may wish to check out their blogs as they likely tell the story differently. But all would agree, they grew up in an entrepreneurial home characterized by much activity and lively discussions.  I have four daughters-in-law, no two the same, and each one is great with me. I consider myself blessed.

While I appear to have it all together to most observers, I am a bunch of contradictions. I laugh out loud and smile easily and yet there is a sadness deep inside that will never go away. I am smart and yet I have no idea about how some simple things work. I have traveled extensively but I have a poor sense of geography and and even worse sense of direction.  I under-utilize every piece of electronic equipment I own and yet continue to purchase the latest and greatest. I pride myself on being a strong tennis player and yet once  ran for a ball I should have left for my partner, and ended up with a racket in my face, and a very ugly bruise.  I am generally on the go, wound up, with lots of people around and then around 3:00 pm each day, I look forward to the quiet as I write, read, or  play word games on my IPad. I feel as though I have accomplished a lot in my  74 years on this earth, however I am plagued by the feeling that I have so much more to do.  What I have not accomplished is more important to me today than what I have already done.

My mission is simple:  I want to motivate women to be their very best, to have a high level of Successtrogen.   We women are different from one another yet we all want to be happy and feel good ourselves and the world in which we live.  Our journey together is about to begin.  Through everyday experiences, let’s identify the things that keep our SUCCESSTROGEN level high.

20 responses to “The Real Me

  1. Mary Ann,
    I can’t wait for more entries here! We ARE so similar! I love the contradictions and can identify with most of them!
    Congratulations on getting this out there for all of us! This looks SUPER!
    Mary Lou

  2. How totally honest and refreshingly candid. Thank you for paving the road to Successtrogen.

  3. Way to go Mary Ann! Succestrogen…if anyone can….you can and I am here running with the flag for all of us! Treat yourself! Lots of love… Donna

  4. Hi Mary Ann – great to meet you this week, and I have added your blog to “my favorites”. I am like you – taking on the world every day! And loving it despite the challenges. We would not be the same without those, no doubt.
    I look forward to staying in touch and your insights into life –

  5. Stay with this guys, you’re henlpig a lot of people.

  6. I’ll be following you. You wrote the best first person bio! Keep the good work and thank you !

    • Thank you, Jackie….we are who we are deep inside, reflected of course in our behavior. We aren’t the car we drive, the job we have or any of those things. Funny however if one is applying for a job, employers fail to look for the first person bio and therefore while they often hire an experienced talented person, they often hire someone who is not a value-fit with the organization.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond!

      Be well!
      Mary Ann

  7. I fondly remember all the kids and our annual Christmas joke. I am not surprised that that this is a wonderful program.

  8. Hi, Mrs. O’Neil! I happened upon your website while googling about the exciting news about Scott and the 76ers.
    Your words are all Beautifully written and definitely inspiring! So great to hear and read of your success and, while raising three kids, already thinking about what lies ahead for me. Looking forward to reading your words of wisdom! 🙂 Susan Larkin

    ps- you look fantastic!

    • Thank you, Susan. I hope all is well with you and John and your family. Such an exciting time of life! If you liked reading SUCCESSTROGEN, please forward to some friends you think may also enjoy. I am hoping to somehow incorporate them into a book for woman, and will need to increase my readership on the blog to influence a publisher to want to publish my work!

      Be well, Susan. So nice to hear from you!

      Mary Ann

  9. Dear Mary Ann,

    it is so great to read it! I love how you touched my heart.
    Keep on and share this wonderful stories with us.


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