And We’re Off!

I was in the airport at a newsstand, scanning the endless stacks of magazines when my eyes rested on a familiar face on an issue of ‘O’.  I nodded and grinned.  Oprah always catches my attention.  Is it her engaging smile, her well styled hair and perfectly shaped eyebrows, or her designer clothes?  No, I just feel good when I see her.  She defines success for a woman. She is the standard. She is the most influential woman in a very male-dominated media industry. But it’s not just that, it’s how she had to overcome racism, abuse, poverty, and being a woman to get there.  Now she has the world at her fingertips in addition to a billion dollar fortune.  Not all successful women like their lives, Oprah seems to like hers.  That indicates a high level of Successtrogen.

I began thinking of other extraordinary women who inspire me:  Ellen DeGeneres, with her ability to laugh at herself,  Mary Schapiro, who broke through the male-dominated finance world to become the first woman chairperson of the SEC , and Maya Angelou who continues to encourage all of us with her poetic words. But not every extraordinary woman has been noted on the pages of the NY Times.  Far from it.  Extraordinary extends well beyond the rich and famous, well beyond published authors and women in powerful careers.  Extraordinary women cross generations and represent every culture on the planet. They come in all shapes and sizes. They could be at the height of fashion or fashion oblivious, have carefully manicured nails or toenail fungus.  They are women like your neighbor, your friend, or you. 

Successtrogen is a word I coined to capture the essence of a woman on top of her world.  Successtrogen is strength.  Successtrogen is confidence.  It is maximizing natural ability.  It’s love……it’s passion…it’s work.  It is the relentless pursuit of a dream. Successtrogen is the driving force in everything a successful woman does.  It is the reason she does it and the prize after she makes it happen. A woman with high levels of Successtrogen could be a powerful business woman or a stay-at-home mom, an astronaut or a pre-school teacher, a cashier or a physician.  This woman is not defined by her career.  She’s not defined by her address or the car she drives. She is defined by the fact that she has accomplished her personal vision of success, she likes where she is and she continues to make choices to ensure that it continues.

Extraordinary women smile easily. They like themselves and as a result they radiate happiness. They are comfortable walking into a crowded room alone. They have a presence that captures the attention of both men and women.  They are extraordinary in that they are where they want to be.  They are happy, in control of their lives.  They are strong. They accept the challenges of life and meet them head on.  Their lives are not perfect nor are they,but perfection is not a goal. They live on top of their respective worlds.

This blog is about you and me,  our daily happenings, and how we respond to them.  It’s about observing things in our world that offer us an opportunity to be at our possible best, or not.  It is about sharing our personal strategies to maintain our very best.  What you and I do to get there and stay there may be very different, but we share the common goal of wanting to be there.   Our “there” could even be very different.  This site is going to help identify your way, get you motivated to get on your way, and stay on your way.  SUCCESSTROGEN is discovering what we need to do to arrive at and maintain our personal best.  This introductory blog marks the start of our journey. I hope you will join me!

Be well

Mary Ann

22 responses to “And We’re Off!

  1. How long will this journey take? Looking forward to it!

  2. Hi Ellen! Thanks for visiting…In response to your question about the journey, our personal development is ongoing….and we can get as involved in it as we want….it is a very personal thing. Since we will never reach perfection (nor aspire to it!), there is no end in sight. Join me and others!
    Be well
    Mary Ann

  3. jennifer Esposito

    congratulations on this inspiring idea. so often people have ideas and they do not follow thru with them. you have a real vision here and you are now going to inspire so many with your words of wisdom. this blog is witty and entertaining and it makes me think but best of all it makes me laugh and smile. i am looking forward to this adventure with you. thanks for the refreshing read!

  4. i am so looking forward to checking in w/u on mondays. the times i have spent w/u have been enjoyable, & fun. thank u for that. i have had my share of personal hiccups in life, but as u say, we r strong, & i know with myself, i always go forward. xoxoxoxo

  5. Ann DeCausemaker

    I love it! ~ both the concept and your interesting way of expressing it.
    I look forward to the next chapter.
    Thanks for including me on this journey.

  6. Sounds like we live similar lives Mary…Continue to keep it “real” and share your personal and professional goodness!

  7. What a great idea; I can already feel the energy from it. Looking forward to future inspirations, stories and learning whatever I can. Anxious for Monday to come……………

  8. Great article! Beautifully written and very inspiring! Thanks for including me. I find you to be an exceptional woman in all ways. Good Luck!!

  9. Mary Ann,
    You’ve coined it well! Love your take on the successful woman. It harmonizes with my own. Glad to hear from you and glad you’re well. xoxoRina

  10. To all of you who sent messages both here and on my person email..
    a HUGE thank you! I am committed to my ongoing development and I guess I need a crowd of others to keep me honest:)–Beginning June 6, weekly posts will appear! Join me! Be well, Mary Ann

  11. Successtrogen, what a wonderful word! It suits you and the ideas (and ideals )you are exploring. Looking forward to going on this journey with you, for you are one my extrodanairy women. I admire you! With your strength, gentlenesss, intelligence , drive , I am blessed to have you in my life.
    Smiles and Love,

  12. A terrific beginning to what I expect will be a fabulous journey with you. I too will now look forward to Mondays and a little conversation

  13. Clemmie L Cash

    Love it and look forward to more! I love it because successtrogen is all inclusive and all inspiring. We are the drivers of our own ship. How we steer it is up to us. Women often minimize our success (part of our estrogen influence.) We have to make the effort to be comfortable in our success.
    Thank you for sharing and giving us something to think about.

  14. Terri Goodie Folse

    Every life journey is filled with twists and turns, moments of success and pride, true joy and happiness, times of doubt and fear. Your site is a wonderful way to capture the everyday and the once in a lifetime moments from which we can all learn and use to support each other in this adventure we call life!
    Thank you, Mary Ann for your creativity and your dedication to this!

  15. What a wonderful article — and a great summary of what Successtrogen means. I’m looking forward to learning and reading more about this site!

  16. Great job gram!
    Keep up the great work!

  17. Cheryl Loeffler

    Fabulous, concise, and incisive! What a wonderful idea to share with those who want to be included in this expansive journey. looking forward to more of your wisdom. Warm regards, Cheryl

  18. Mary Ann
    Love the word successtrogen it makes you think of many things.
    You are an amazing lady, you’re over the top with creativity and
    inspiration. Thanks for including me on your journey, I’m here
    for an exciting ride.

  19. Wow
    A great beginning
    Looking forward to the journey
    Love the name

  20. Once again you have out done yourself. I love the concept of Successtrogen and the clarity it brings. I’m looking forward
    to the journey. Thanks for the invitation Mary Ann.

  21. Thank you, everyone, for your posts about SUCCESSTROGEN. I am very excited about your response so far and hope to continue capturing your attention, and more important heighten your desire to reach and maintain a high SUCCESSTROGEN level. Please share the site with family and friends. Be well, today. Mary Ann.

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