Every Damn Day

My daughter-in-law  and  I were power shopping  at the mall with the intent of getting the kids completely outfitted for school in one trip.  It was no small task! We were almost done.  We still needed leggings for the girls and jackets for the boys but were running out of time as the stores were starting to close.  We were going to make it until we passed by the Nike store and there it was—hanging in the window, the best t-shirt ever!  A simple pink cotton T-shirt with large bold letters that read EVERY DAMN DAY.

I had to have it. And so did Erin. The school shopping would have to be finished another day.

While folding our T-shirts, the cashier looked at me and smiled, as if we both got the same joke.  “Every damn day, right?” she said in a tone that I couldn’t decipher.  “I make my kids lunches, come here for eight hours, go home and make the kids dinner, clean up their crap, and finally get something to eat for myself, only to wake up the next morning and do the same thing  all over again. That’s what I do…every…damn …day,” she said with a sad look.

I smiled and nodded. I don’t know exactly what the Nike designers had in mind when they made that shirt, but I know it wasn’t that. Sure, there are times in my life when I feel that way.  There are times in life when we all probably feel that way.

For me, EVERY DAMN DAY, means doing the things I know I need to do to keep my Successtrogen level high and be at my personal best.  Every day I have to follow a regiment of looking within and evaluating where I am against where I want to be.  At the end of every day I have to ask myself was I productive or did I waste time?  Did I live true to my values or did I tweak my values to fit an impulse? Did I learn something today?  Whom did I positively affect, and whom did I hurt?  Did I acknowledge people around me or did I move about the day as though I was the only person in the world?  Did I smile? Did I laugh out loud?  Did I make someone else laugh? Did I make the most of my day?

I have good days where the answers to those questions are in line with exactly where I want to be, how I want to feel, and what I want to do.  Yes it takes time and effort to do things right but the payoffs for me are huge. It’s on those days when I do those right things that I feel I feel the most grounded, the most happy, and the most solid.

In the tag line of my website, I mention that Successtrogen is for the woman looking to be at home with her self. When behavior is consistent with what you hold of value, you are at home with your self.

But some days I don’t do the right things. I don’t do the smart things.  I don’t do the things that I know will make me feel great.  Somedays I fill my time with far too many mindless activities.  I may have wasted far too much time playing word games on my iPad.  I may have been quick to snap at someone, quick to judge another, or too slow to help someone out.   I may have been on the internet purchasing something I did not need or watched a rerun of a TV sitcom that I have seen a number of times.  To think about all those wasted days, that add up to weeks and then months and years… that’s painful.

Every day we are faced with the challenge that is our own devices.  Every day we are confronted with a finite amount of time and we must choose how to spend it.  Every day we have a chance to maximize our potential.  If you are not overcoming those challenges, if you are not maximizing your time, if you are not stretching your potential as far as it could possibly go …what are you doing EVERY DAMN DAY?

5 responses to “Every Damn Day

  1. amen to Every Damn Day !

  2. I love EVERY DAMN DAY even more after reading this post! However, as one who frequently retreats into watching crime story TV re-runs and Internet searching for tasty tidbits of knowledge, I know this is a much-needed sanctuary when I need to be home with my myself and all by myself. Let’s strive to be our personal best EVERY DAMN DAY, but also enjoy our “wasted” time EVERY DAMN DAY! Terrific post to begin a work week….

  3. Good point, Jane, for sure…some of those wasted moments are cherished moments and in fact add to our SUCCESSTROGEN…that’s how we are all different. The important thing is knowing if they add to our feeling great or not! Appreciate the comment! Be well today! Mary Ann

  4. Dear Mary Ann,

    I love your new blog and will recommend it to my many readers. Thanks for being an advocate for women and for your beautiful and “no holds barred” spirit. Knowing you has enriched my life — we just need to find more time to share….

  5. Mary Ann ……………… have you thought about taking Oprah’s place? Loving your honesty and ability to “hit the nail right on.” You are brilliant. Have a Nice Damn Day Every Day.

    Chris Currie (Buckley)

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