Saving the World

In my home is a colorful canvas that boasts “I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.”  I found the artwork on a website called Curly Girl Design.  I have never met the artist, Leigh, but she is on my list of people to meet.  It is as though she found her way into my cluttered mind and then illustrated my thoughts.

I have many pieces of Leigh’s art  but this one is truly my favorite.  And yes, if I had a cape and a tiara, I am fairly certain that I could save the world. Note that I did not say absolutely certain, but fairly certain. I am sure you are not taking me seriously about this….yet. When visitors come to my home and see this artwork, they usually comment “That’s cute!” Cute? No, it isn’t cute at all.  Saving the world is serious business.

Perhaps I need to clarify that I do not mean saving the world on the grand scheme of things. I do not think so much of myself that I think I could feed the world’s starving children, eliminate all prejudice, stop countries from fighting, or  discover a cure for the common cold.  But on a smaller scale, a much smaller scale, yes, I am fairly certain that I could save the world.

For starters, I know I can save the world by adding laughter to others, mainly by laughing at myself and sharing stories of the luggage falling off the top of the car on Route 75, being locked out of my condo in my bra and panties, and going on my first internet date with a man dressed as a clown! I can also save the world by listening to others who need to talk.  They may not want my opinion or advice,  they may just want me to listen.

I know I can save the world by believing in others and their ability to change, to move from their mistakes, and begin again. I can help them by not reminding them of their past mistakes, but by acknowledging that today they are doing the right things.  I can save the world by being more patient with those who are a bit slower. I can save the world by accepting, not getting irritated with, the differences in others.  And then maybe by bringing a sandwich to the homeless man by the library, calling someone I have not spoken to in a while, and by recommending a good book to another, I will save a little bit more of the world. Amazing what a woman with a tiara and a cape can do!

Saving the world is serious business.

Do you see how many ways I can save the world? What about you?  If you had a tiara and a cape, could you save the world?  I am fairly certain that you could.  More important, would you save the world?  Whom would you save?  How would you do it?  Are you already saving the world? If not, what would it take to get you to begin?  Is there a tiara and cape store near you?

6 responses to “Saving the World

  1. Mary Ann, I love curly girl cards, and this sentiment especially. I love your interpretation – that we can all save the world in small but meaningful ways. This is true karma! I too am fairly certain that if I had a tiara and a cape I could save the world. If I had a tiara and a cape, I would be able to move more quickly and with better hair, behaving compassionately to more people and more animals every day and thus modeling mindful compassion every where I go and with everyone with whom I interact.

  2. all one has to do while they are “attempting” to save the world is see what a smile every kind step you take brings. i make it a point every day to say to someone who looks unhappy or totally stressed…… nice they look or that i have noticed and like something about them……..they beam. that’s all it takes sometimes.

  3. I do not want a tiara and a cape as I’m sure my doctor would recommit me.
    I do however like doing small things. I ask a lonely elderly neighbor in
    for a cup of coffee, speak with a sick relative once a day, help my husband help people etc… I will imagine myself with a tiara and a cape in the future which will motivate me to do even more.
    You mentioned change and moving on from mistakes. I have made many and it’s encouraging to know I can change and leave them in my past.
    Thank you Mary Ann for helping me stop each Monday and actually think a minute.

  4. I always think I do not do enough for myself and for others. Reading Mary Ann’s comments just reminds me that every little thing helps and will make a difference in one’s life. Do not assume that what you are doing is not going to make any difference. You would be surprise how much influence we have in others so let’s make it better every day! I look so forward to all updates on Mondays and to what I am learning for the week. I do practice and appreciate all reminders I get! Remember there is a sign in everything, are we seeing and listening to it?
    Thank you Mary Ann for making it real.

  5. This morning I saw a little girl with her BIG SISTER t-shirt (I’m an Obstetrician) and a red tutu. I didn’t have a tutu as a girl and decided I want one. So I just bought one. I’m adding it to my cape and tiara to put me back into the frame of mind I had as a girl that the world is saveable. Sometimes I need a little reminder and these will help.

    • I am just reaading your message and delighted that you now have a cape, tiara annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd a tutu. Good for you…It sounds as though you are a fun obstetrician…I, too, have always believed the world is saveable…it just sometimes seems a bit harder to gather a groundswell of others to help us save it…but you…and me…and surely others will take on the full burden for now…

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