Personal Consequences



Yikes!! It is Saturday night, fast approaching midnight, and I have not written my blog to post Monday.  Am I kidding myself?  What happened? I always have a near-finished blog prepared by Thursday morning of each week as I approach my final editing process.  Saturday mornings I edit and post a draft on SUCCESSTROGEN.COM knowing I will make more minor changes before actually posting the final version. 

But it’s Saturday night and instead looking at a draft on the website, I am looking at a blank word document.  There is no excuse. I had plenty of uninterrupted time this week to write, yet I chose not to do so.  Instead, I hung out with Ellen, my best friend, and we shopped, swam, walked the beach and played tennis.  I know I have not committed a crime with life altering consequences, but I have fallen short of my commitment to myself and you–and for that there are consequences:  I am anxious, I will have a difficult time sleeping tonight, and the final blog output may be less than my standard of excellence.  Big consequences for someone like me!

There are always consequences for our behavior.  Our newspapers all too frequently report examples of poor behavior such as infidelity, sexual misconduct, unethical business decisions, or driving under the influence of alcohol.  The negative consequences for these behaviors are often severe resulting in shattered hearts and broken homes, embarrassment, loss of family, jobs and self respect, death , or time in prison.

Consequences of our day-to-day “behavioral misses”  may be less severe, nevertheless, we experience negative consequences that often alter how we feel about ourselves, how others perceive us,  and  impact the flow of our lives. Not paying attention to the time remaining in a parking meter may result in a fine and the feeling that we have blown away our hard earned money.  Not stretching before running or playing tennis may result in a pulled muscle, pain,  and an inability to play for a few weeks.   Buying things we do not need may result in high credit card debt as well as a feeling of emptiness. Having one glass of wine too many may lead to our saying something we regret. In each of these examples, we will survive, however,  because of our decision to stray from  our personal best behavior,  we experience unnecessary personal disappointment, physical pain, or the need to apologize.

And not writing my blog according to my self-imposed schedule this week resulted in unnecessary anxiety, and a sleepless night.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are generally aware of the consequences of their behavior.  For the most part they choose to make responsible decisions and thereby avoid negative consequences.  They consider potential consequences for their behavior before the behavior occurs.  And occasionally when they make poor decisions regardless of the anticipated consequences, these women accept the consequences and work to get their lives back on track.   They decide not to repeat the same mistake with its uncomfortable consequence and put a process in place to check their behavior in the future.

I am experiencing the consequences of not following my game plan.  I do not want to experience this anxiety again.  Next week I will have my blog written by Thursday, begin the editing process and post the draft on Saturday. Final changes will be made over the weekend and when I select the submit button on Sunday evening, I will be happy with the words and message I have posted.  And I will have avoided the anxiety and sleepless night. Count on that!

And what about you?  Have you experienced negative consequences for a recent behavior of yours?    Have you accepted responsibility for the behavior and the consequences?  Have you readjusted your behavior to get back on track?

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