Gentle Reminders

Last week while traveling I found myself racing to find a restroom in Newark Airport. The 40 ounces of water consumed on my flight from Sarasota to Newark, created a sense of urgency to get to a toilet in record speed. Fortunately, there wasn’t a line of women with a similar urgency and I chose the first stall. I practically severed my left arm as I became entangled in my attaché case and my carry-on bag trying  to get behind the stall door while quietly uttering “ooh, ooh, ooh”. Time was of the essence! Once within the confines of the bathroom stall, I turned to latch the door shut. Taped to the stall door was a notice:  “Please
don’t put paper towels or sanitary napkins down the toilet.”

Paper towels? Are you kidding? I wash my hands after using
the rest room and therefore it is most unlikely that after washing them, I
would return to the stall and flush the paper towel down the toilet!  Picture the scene. I struggle with the two pieces of carry-on luggage the first time I enter the stall. Then I proceed to  drag the luggage to the sink, wash my hands, and return with the luggage to the stall to flush the paper towel down the toilet! And then there is the issue of the tampon! Even if wasn’t beyond the tampon years, I would not be flushing my tampon down the toilet. But I get it, some women do and therefore the need for a gentle reminder to all women in the universe. Funny thing is that I bet those women who at one time created the need for such a reminder, still flush paper towels, tampons and whatever else they darn well please down the toilet!

But I never did, and don’t, and won’t, so this reminder was wasted on me. Many reminders in my world are wasted on me.  As I  walk the property of my condo I cannot help but note the signs about picking up after my dog, another wasted reminder as I do not even own a dog. And further, the University continually reminds me not to plagiarize material when I have never stolen one thing in my life, much less the words of another! All gentle reminders, clearly intended  for some people, but all wasted on me.

However, some gentle reminders are most helpful to me as I receive them from family, friends and even perfect strangers. My third son always reminds me that I do not need to sprint when we are shopping in the Mall together. My quick pace behind other leisurely walkers often causes them to glance over their shoulders, reminding me I am rushing, annoying them, or perhaps making them nervous. As soon as I hint at returning to “find love” on the internet, Ellen, my sister-in-law, gently reminds me that internet dating is not for me. You see my first internet date showed up dressed as a clown–no joke–complete with a red nose, oversized yellow shoes and a flower that squirted in my face!

And there are other helpful reminders.  My body often  reminds me that I should never have a third slice of pizza, play more than three sets of tennis, or walk the beach barefoot. My crowded closet reminds me that I have enough clothes.

There is an abundance of gentle reminders in our lives about living our lives to the fullest, being at our personal best and enjoying every moment. As women who wish to keep our SUCCESSTROGEN levels high, we need to be alert to the gentle reminders that suggest  a change in our behavior  so that our behavior is aligned with our values and we are continually working toward  our personal best.

What are some of the gentle reminders in your life that help  you enjoy your today and  be at your personal best?

6 responses to “Gentle Reminders

  1. “Gentle Reminders”, love those words. As if spoken softly and kindly to one’s self or someone. I gently remind myself everyday to try to make a difference. Not to the world or even my surroundings as that is a tall order, but to “at least” one person. I feel I accomplished that today and although it was only a phone conversation I think we both came away from the experience feeling our personal best..

  2. Love to read your application each week, Pam….a nice gentle reminder to me that at least someone reads this blog:)
    Be well
    Mary Ann

  3. I have a note on my bathroom mirror. It is a gentle reminder to keep myself in the “present” and become aware of what is going on right now
    in my life. I also have these gentle reminders on Monday mornings that
    encourage me to think and strive to keep my SUCCESSTROGEN levels high. I anticipate your blog each week Mary Ann. They help me stay on track with what I want for myself in life. They help me to help others. At those times I am at my personal best.
    Jaci O’ Neil
    PS: I would love to participate in one of your seminars. How can I make that happen? Thanks.

  4. HI Jaci…Glad blogs are valuable for you. Regarding your question about the seminars: I am paying attention to the best order of things in my life and they are: (1) complete dissertation research data/chapters 4 and 5 and defend dissertation, then design/ promote SUCCESSTROGEN seminars…so stay tuned. In the past i have focused on too many things at one time, lessening the quality of each thing…getting wiser perhaps, or maybe just less good at multi-tasking 🙂

  5. I was so astounded by the Internet date dressed as a clown that I could barely finish reading your blog this week! My “gentle reminders” are not so gentle perhaps – a headache when I lie awake fretting about things that I know I cannot control and a feeling of heart-racing anxiousness when I have once again accepted more committee and board assignments than I can manage. However, I like the idea of viewing them as gentle reminders instead of tsumanis.

    P.S. Sounds like terrific progress with your dissertation!

    • HI Jane!!! Always fun hearing from you…yes fully dressed as a clown..the whole works…and then I dated a few clowns that did not wear the apparel:)–one day I have to write about some of the crazier dates, and a few very good men friends that I have met as well—Dissertation is a work in progress, as you well know, working dilligently on Chapter Four–attending a 4th year residency in Arlington in October.

      “..viewing them as gentle reminders instead of tsumanis”—great line…and yes, sometimes they are hardly “gentle” but truly a cue to us….
      Be well!!!

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