Is it Worth the Effort?

Tonight was one of those quiet evenings at home. I made myself a  cup of tea with honey, sat in my living room, and reflected on my day.  Judging from the amount of honey I put in my tea, it would be more accurate to say I had a  cup of honey with tea.  I will always feel indebted to bees for making my cup of honey with tea possible.

I read once that in order to make 1.1 pounds of honey, bees collect nectar from over 2 million flowers!  Imagine?  Whatever it takes to make this yummy product is fine with me, but if I were a bee, I would have to be asking myself, “Is it really worth it?”  Bees fly around during the day gathering nectar, return to the hive and  make honey that evening, with just a few short naps in between.  The  work environment is overcrowded and  after all that they only get to live about 45 days!

So, I have to wonder, is it really worth all the effort?

Some things that we do take considerable time, effort, and resources.   Yet we do them because the output far outweighs the work.   When my entire family  joins me over Easter vacation, the grocery shopping alone is mind boggling with several trips to the
market before they arrive and almost daily while they are visiting.  I cook their favorite things, organize an Easter Egg hunt, host  a Saturday night beach barbecue, and continually clean up crumbs, pile wet towels into the dryer,  and vacuum  the sand  from the floor.  When all 22 of them leave, I am exhausted, but I know it was worth every bit of the effort to bring and keep the family together.

Parents who have brought a child from infancy to young adulthood note it was not easy, but well worth the effort.  Someone who
is now smoke-free after many years of a nicotine addiction would also say, it was worth the work to get rid of the habit.  A sales manager who has raised the performance level of an underperforming team is aware of the patience and additional coaching it took to do so and is pleased with her effort.  A young couple seeks counseling and works hard to save a difficult marriage, noting with pride that they are stronger today than they
once were. 
Hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S.  join the Susan B. Koman Race for the Cure,  a tremendous effort to plan and coordinate.  Devoted women, survivors, caregivers, and friends who lost friends to cancer believe in the pursuit of a cure and will do whatever it takes to find it. 

Yes, these are all examples where the outcome  is well worth the effort.  But what about the effort it takes to be at our  personal best? That also takes a lot of effort.  Keeping our SUCCESSTROGEN level  high means we are continually working to make the right choices EVERY DAMN DAY (blog, June 5, 2011) when sometimes it
is appealing to take the easier way out. 

If we were all alike and all wanted the same things in life in order to feel successful and happy, it would be easy to list the things worth our effort.  But we are not all alike, far from it.  I know what being at my personal best means for me.  And, yes,  it is clearly hardwork!! Yet that SUCCESSTROGEN high I feel when I have added joy or insight to another, when I have been productive, and when I have made healthy eating and activity-related decisions, makes it easy for me to say “It is well worth the effort.” 

So, what about you?  Is reaching and maintaining a high
SUCCESSTROGEN level worth the effort?

One response to “Is it Worth the Effort?

  1. “Yet that SUCCESSTROGEN high I feel when I have added joy or insight to another” Your words… my thoughts… I see that as the end to the means… of oneself. Less effort goes against human nature. Strive to survive. Throughout my life I have often questioned myself as to what is my purpose? It hasn’t hit me in the face with fame or fortune, but it affects me daily. The rest just falls into place.

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