New Ice Skates

Just the other day I found myself cleaning out my nightstand drawers.   I came upon a photo of my maternal grandparents.  I sat on the edge of my bed and recalled the last days of my grandmother’s life.  My grandmother lived nearby so we saw her frequently however as she was nearing the end of her life, our visits became daily.   On one of those visits, my mother found several brand new blouses and dresses in Grandma’s closet, with the tags still on them.  Having received these as gifts over the years, my grandmother noted that she was saving them for a special occasion.  When she passed away, I remember thinking of her closet and feeling sad because Gramma never had that special occasion.

A year later, for Christmas I received a new pair of ice skates.  We skated every weekend at Zabrisky’s Pond in Hackensack but I continued to wear my old skates, because I did not want to get the new ones dirty.  My dream was to skate in Rockefeller Center and my mother said this year we were going to do so.   My new white leather skates with red furry pom-poms on the ends of the laces would be just perfect for that special occasion!  But, we didn’t go to Rockefeller Plaza that year, and when we went the following year, the white skates no longer fit me.  I made my debut at Rockefeller Plaza skating in a pair of rental skates… brown…no pom-poms.

I don’t know what happened to my grandmother’s dresses and blouses, but I do remember seeing my brand new, never-been-worn skates on the “Odds and Ends” table at the church fair that year.  I knew then that I was never going to wait for a special occasion to do anything! And from that day forward you would not likely find any article of clothing in my closet that I have not worn, with the tags still dangling.  I will purchase a new dress and wear it the next day even just to go to the market. When I am in a restaurant, I enjoy my meal at that moment, all of it.  I do not save some for another day.  When someone gives me a gift, I use it, display it, or eat it—I do not wait for a special occasion.  My special occasion is now.

Today is a good day and as good a time as any to enjoy my life and the people in it, to  do what I want, and don my tiara and cape and save the world in between.  Today..not tomorrow or next year or when a special occassion pops up…today!

What about you, care to join me?

10 responses to “New Ice Skates

  1. Great thoughts!

  2. agreed…think about about all those ladies on the Titanic who said I will have dessert later………….

  3. Exactly! I met a man in his late 90s in a nursing home who was eating his strawberry pie before his dinner. He said he waited all his life to eat what he considered the best part of his meal last and once he turned 90 he decided to change things!!!! A nurse “wrote him up” for his “odd behavior”—I don’t think she got the point:)

    Be well
    Mary Ann

  4. Yes! I too wear my new clothes and shoes the day after I purchase them. I also use my china for breakfast and wear my “special” perfume every day. I am so grateful for the simple but special pleasure I get from these indulgences. Really, what are we waiting for?!

  5. Thanks for wriitng such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

  6. This article achieved exactly what I wntead it to achieve.

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