The Moment Before

Today is a beautiful day on all levels.  I worked hard, played well, didn’t seem to be rushing mindlessly, and called someone I hadn’t connected with in a while.  Wanting to keep the good day going,  I invited a few friends to “come for sunset”. The most fun way for me to entertain is on my terrace overlooking the Gulf.  For tonight’s guests, I made a few simple hors d’oueves, selected the wine, chose the music, and decided which plates and napkins fit the mood.

Just before my guests arrive I find myself  sitting on the deck and smiling.  I
realize that I love this moment, the moment before “it” all begins.  Do you know what I mean?  Right before the guests arrive, I feel very happy.  My condo is sparkling clean, it’s a good hair day, the air is warm with a slight breeze off the Gulf….calm, quiet, with only  the soft sounds of the tiny waves breaking below.   I wish I could capture this feeling of “the moment before”.  I know for some people this moment before entertaining is nerve wracking, but not for me. I love the moment before.

In a few moments, the doorbell will ring, the calm will be disrupted, and
there will the laughter, easy conversation about what’s happening on the island, and other stories that friends share with one another.  As I open the door, there will be the sound of heels clicking on the marble floors, corks popping, and instrumental Beetle’s songs in the background. And even the Gulf will sound louder as if trying to complete with the changed environment.  I will love those moments too. But it is the moment before that is most precious for me. I am very aware of me and this point in time.  I feel happy…grateful for what is and who I am.   I am alone at this moment and alone is fine.

Winnie the Pooh knows what I am talking about.  “Well,” said Pooh,
“what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.  (A.A. Milne)”  I don’t know what it’s  called either, but I need a word for it because it is such an incredible  moment. For now I shall have to refer to it as “the moment before.”

I have the same feeling the moment before I am going to speak to a large audience.  That might sound odd but you see I am at my best in front of a crowd. I am passionate about my topic and have researched it well.  I know I will add value to most people in my audience and  have a strong impact on a few. The moment before I walk to the podium, I have that same feeling I have right now  on my terrace before my guests arrive.    The moments after  I have finished speaking along with the applause, accolades and a line of people waiting to  introduce themselves and share their story are of course great, too.  But nothing  beats that moment before.

I wonder if it is when  I am truly staying in the moment, right there, not reminiscing and not anticipating, I am just there.  I need that feeling more often.  I  miss the  “moment before”  more times than I tune in to it, because too often, I am anticipating what is coming next, or mulling over what just occurred.  But it is more than just staying in the present…much more. It is being there completely,  feeling as though this moment is where the world is as it should be for me.

And how about you?  Do you have  favorite moments before?

5 responses to “The Moment Before

  1. I will have to give that some thought. but perhaps that is why I do not mind getting to an airport early (aside from not having to RUSH to a plane and worry that I may not make it) I can relax , yes even at an airport, and look forward to a new surrounding that I will soon be a part of and enjoy.
    Maybe that is why I am always on time, or even early to appointments..or mayve that is because my Mom taught me to never be late? LOL

  2. Yes! Being at the airport…in good time…no rushing…enables you to truly “be there”…the moment before why you are there….! Be well, Mary Ann

  3. I love the way you capture living in the moment – for me it occurs just before I walk on stage or in a classroom to give a speech, and just before I am fully awake and my dog jumps on my bed to snuggle.

  4. The moment before… today I learned that I had ruined someones idea of me. I failed them…. and in their eyes my reputation became tarnished after so many years. hows that for honesty? I am ashamed to say that my morning was focused on their negative. What was I thinking? Enter a friend and her share and it becomes a faint memory, but still on my mind. Another friend shows up and the negative fades…. away……… I strive to be perfect, but rejoice when I fail. It gives me room for growth.

    • Sometimes we “miss” in our eyes or the eyes of others. The value in “missiung” is in the resultant reflection of who we are, and as you have already noted, in the opportunity for growth. You are fortunate that your friend let you know how your behavior impacted her, because then you truly can reflect and create a plan to improve. Be well! ma

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