Lost and Found

Recently,  I inquired about a lost plastic cup  that I had inadvertently left on the tennis court.  I drink 100 oz of water a day so drinking five 20-ounce cups keeps me on track.  This cup is my favorite, decorated with large multi-colored polka dots.  As I asked Sandy in the pro-shop about my missing cup, she quickly retrieved it from the “Lost and Found”.

Usually when I lose something I know it is somewhere in my condo and I say a quick prayer to St. Anthony: “Something is lost and cannot be found, please St. Anthony look around!”  St. Anthony has helped me find my passport, my sunglasses, and my keys more times than I care to remember.

Whether or not you “buy” St Anthony’s role in locating a missing object,does not matter.  But surely you have experienced the merits of a Lost and Found department at some point in your life.  The concept is a good one.  Someone looses something, another finds it and submits the object to “Lost and Found” hoping it finds its way  “home”.  If I were to research Lost and Founds around the country, I suspect I would discover that many objects are unclaimed either because the rightful owners don’t care  much about them, or maybe they don’t even know they lost them.  Nevertheless, a Lost and Found is a good thing.

Recently I lost something.  It took me months to realize I had lost it and then another month to decide if I cared enough about it to find it. You see, I lost a friend, someone I cared about for many years. Neither a Lost and Found nor St. Anthony could be of  help this time!

It didn’t take me long to understand how I lost him. He said… then I said, and then he thought I should…and I…you get my point.  Each of us was so focused on being right, our friendship unravelled.  Perhaps some people would advise me to just leave things alone, after all he wasn’t calling me to make things right!  But I knew what was right for me —I could always buy another plastic cup, but what was I to do about a lost friend?

I sent an email  and got no response.  I sent a text message or two…no response.  I then made a call, and a few more, and finally left this message:   “Look, I am going to call you EVERY DAMN DAY for the rest of my life, because I miss you in my life.  So you may as well answer one of these calls.”  He finally did “pick up” with a humorous line  making the conversation flow easily.  We didn’t rehash the old stuff, we just talked about the present day and made each other laugh as we always had. I am glad I found what was lost.

When I found my plastic cup, it looked the same as it did when I lost it.  I am not sure what this re-newed friendship will look like,  but I am in no hurry to know that.   I do know at the very least we will be good friends, friends that care,  share, and  laugh together.

This is where I feel a high level of SUCCESSTROGEN—when I  do what I know is the right thing for me, even when it is awkward.  I value friendships and that means having to work harder occasionally to maintain or restore them.

Have you lost anything important lately?  Can St Anthony help?   A Lost and Found somewhere?…or  ????

9 responses to “Lost and Found

  1. Hi MA…I loved this story about you pursuing your “lost” friend…it made me laugh out loud.
    I know, as you do, how very important good friends are in our lives, whether they are close by or a phone call or email away…what would we do without them?
    I have sent your blog to many of these friends so that they can enjoy your site as much as I do.
    I hope to see you soon.
    Happy Day,

  2. Hi MK….So glad to hear froim you!!!!! Thank you for reading and laughing
    and understanding annnnnnnnnnnnd for sharing SUCCESSTROGEN. Everyday there is still another message in a moment to reflect on and write about.

    Be well

  3. Just talked to my sister tonight and she told me of running into an old friend. He played drums like a rock star when we were in 5th grade. Wipe Out. I will keep you posted on that “lost” I do have a friend I have known for 30 years and we are travel buddies. It works!!! While she is driving from Lakeland, FL to Anna Maria Island we catch up. I cherish those talks and I know she would say the same.

  4. Your airtcle was excellent and erudite.

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