A Friend for Her Friends

There is a” tee-ninesy” little whisper of a child in my life, Ava, one of my
granddaughters.  Tiny in stature but huge in her impact on those around her, Ava brightens my world.  Her scraped knees are an indication that she is
a little rambunctious and chooses to run rather than walk.   Ava was born a twin, and while her twin, Macy, is no longer with us, I believe that Ava runs, jumps, and giggles for two, keeping Macy present in our hearts.

I am embarrassed to say that recently I had forgotten to send Ava a birthday gift.  So, on my recent visit to Chevy Chase I asked Ava if she would like to walk into town with me and pick out something for her birthday.  And off we went, hand in hand.  She seemed to enjoy her one-on-one time with her Gram and chatted constantly about her Kindergarten class, her new girlfriends and the two boys in the class who continually misbehave. She was not talking about what toy she hoped to find, rather she was sharing her life with me.  We talked about her birthday party, soccer and even her CCD class.

We covered every square inch of the toy store.  We walked around and around and chatted about this toy and that.  Every so often, as she would focus on one
toy, I would read that as a cue for “I want this”, and would offer to buy it for
her.  “No, thank you”, she would quickly respond.  “I just wanted to show it to
you”.  She seemed to be searching for something.  And so it went, toy after
toy, puzzle after puzzle, doll after doll.  Finally she selected a plush kitty in a tiny purse. “Would you like to take that home with you, Ava?”  I
asked.   “Yes.” She noted.  “This would be nice because I have a lot of
stuffed animals and now they will have a new friend”. That was what she was
searching for…a friend for her friends.

A friend for her friends

As women, we have gotten very good at introducing friends to friends.  We call it networking.  We belong to business and social networking groups and meet regularly for the sole purpose of sharing our lives.  We network on a smaller scale as well as we introduce one friend to another.  We do that because we think the two women would enjoy one another, or perhaps benefit from meeting each other. We may use Linked In or Facebook, email or Skype, and good old-fashioned live get-togethers.

Recently my friend Roberta told me that she introduced two of her friends to one another, and now they are good friends, and Roberta hardly sees either of
them.  She tells the story with a bit of sadness and disappointment, implying a sense of unfairness that she is not included.   As an outsider looking in, it sounds to me like Roberta  is good at match making.  She brought two women together who would not otherwise have met  and now they are friends.  Her place in their lives is no longer needed, giving Roberta room to go and connect others.  Roberta has a gift actually, perhaps why she is here, but she  hasn’t figured that out yet.  I will be glad to hear one day that she understands her role. Ava looks out for new friends for her stuffed animals, and Roberta looks out for friends for her friends as well.

Women with high SUCCCESSTROGEN levels are comfortable introducing their friends to other friends, and can delight in the fact that they were right that the two women would enjoy one another.  Share your heart with many, your soul with some, and your friends with other friends as often as you can.  Together, through networking and bringing friends together, we have drastically reduced the breast cancer curse, we have created  innovative products and services,  and we have brought joy to the lives of many.

Can you think of two women you could introduce?  Sure you can, but will you?

2 responses to “A Friend for Her Friends

  1. I much prefer informatvie articles like this to that high brow literature.

  2. Thank you, Tory….I am glad to hear this week’s SUCCESSSTROGEN interested you. I tend to write about “every day moments”, ordinary experiences, because I think there is a lot of meaning and opportunity to learn/improve in those…I find a lot of humor in how I respond to those moments as well!
    Be well…I hope to hear form you again!
    Mary Ann

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