“Go Back and Take Up Golf at an Earlier Age”

On Longboat Key, we have two weekly newspapers, each of which captures the pulse of the island for the residents and tourists. The papers are a compilation of
zoning and planning board issues, articles and photos of social events, and
some fun columns written by local residents. Hal Lenobel, our former mayor, is
a contributor to the Longboat Key News.  One  week, Hal offered funny one-liners about the game of golf.  He wrote “If you really want to get better at golf, go back and take it up at an earlier age”.

As I have noted previously, I am not a golfer. I am a good tennis player. I have
worked at my tennis game for over 35 years so I guess I should be good
at it. But over the years, I have  made only weak attempts at improving my golf
game and consequently I am not good at it. I hit well off the tee, often out-driving other women golfers. I also putt fairly well. The problem is all those other shots, the ones between the tee shot and the final putt into the cup. There are just so many of them sending my final score soaring to numbers exceeding the highest recorded score in golf history.

If you really want to get better at golf, go back and take it up at an
earlier age.

Hal’s tongue-in-cheek quote is of course telling his readers that golf is an ongoing challenge. You play well three days in a row and just when you think you have finally mastered the game, the next day giant magnets strategically placed on the course draw your balls to the left or right, off the fairway, and
far away from the pin.

Of course, we cannot go back in time and learn the game of golf, and more important, we cannot go back in time and change our past lives. We cannot fix what was broken, change what we said or didn’t say, or make right what was wrong.  Nor can we study harder, be less catty, or choose a different college. I know I cannot go back and let the household chores go and hold each infant more. I am not able to allow one son the comfort of his Blankie a little longer or say no to the business travel when my daughter needed a mom at home.

Ah… the gift of hindsight… with it, I can see clearly what I “coulda, shoulda” done in the past. Hindsight helps me understand what should have happened after it already happened.  I cannot go back and fix, but hindsight can help me go forward and make what I want to change happen.  Hindsight provides me the foundation for change and my  SUCCESSTROGEN is the driving force to make it all happen.

If I really want to raise my SUCCESSTROGEN level and be at my personal best, I have to use hindsight as a foundation, so that I am not repeating mistakes. From the hindsight comes learning, setting the stage for altering my behavior to
reflect something positive and strong.  If I want to be the best mom and
grandmother, if I want to bring value to my clients, and if I want to reach more of  you through SUCCESSTROGEN, then I need to use the life learning hindsight offers  me, adjust my behavior, and become the woman whom I want to be today.

And what about you?  What does your hindsight tell you about yesterday and what are the implications for you today?

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