In Search of Daily Amusement Parks

A few years ago,  I took my daughter Shannon and her son, TJ, on a five day excursion.  It was a spur of the moment decision as something came across my desk that seemed reasonable, exciting and fun. Before we knew it, we were packed and boarding a plane to one of the best cities on earth, Barcelona!  We stayed in a small hotel on top of Tibidabo Mountain overlooking the incredible virbrant city..  The only other thing on top of the mountain other than the hotel was an amusement park—no joke…it was right next door.  If TJ had not been with us, I probably would never have stepped foot on the premises, but a little boy and an amusement park go hand and hand.  We rode on every ride and laughed all day long, hence the name, amusement park.

A few months later,  I was visiting my twin grandchildren, Harry and Madeline., who were 3.5 at the time.  Harry and Mae were  “city kids”.  During the visit, along with their nanny, we went for a walk to one of their favorite “amusement parks”: Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Yes, you read correctly, Bed Bath and Beyond.  Generally I avoid that store running the risk of having to maneuver around those huge bins in the middle of everywhere filled with things of little interest to me such as dusters, coffee filters, or wine bottle stoppers.  But for Harry and Mae, BBB was a fun place with lots of opportunity for laughter.

BBB took on an amusement-park atmosphere as we went from one “attraction” to another. I laughed out loud the entire time.  The first “attraction” was the candle department.  In unison, the twins found their favorite scent and encouraged me to smell the candles and cast my vote.  Harry lobbied for cinnamon, and Mae for vanilla.  When I selected the evergreen smell as my favorite Harry fell on the floor pretending to be sick from the scent.  We all laughed out loud as did the other shoppers nearby.

The next attraction was Frosty. The fuzzy snowman had a tiny circle patch that said “press here”.   When I pressed it, Frosty began to wiggle and dance and sing the song that made him famous.  There were dozens of Frostys and I pressed every press-here-button and before you knew it, all the Frostys on the shelf were singing and dancing.  The twins, Frazela and I howled with laughter.  I think the store manager wanted to escort me out of the store, but frankly our laughter got the better of her and she, too, began laughing.

Mae selected her favorite “ride” —the bedding department.  Mae climbed under the fuzzy zebra striped covers and pretended to snore, and Harry and I roared with laughter.  Mae had obviously been on this ride before! The crowd of shoppers from the Frosty ride joined us in bedding, and we all encouraged Mae with our laughter!  And then finally, the epitome of the visit for Harry was about to occur.  We entered the vacuum cleaner department as a sales rep called out “ Hi Harry John!  Shall I get the blue vacuum down off the shelf for you to play with?”  Harry spent the next 15 minutes vacuuming the floor while extolling the virtues of the blue vacuum over all the other choices.

Who knew BBB could be so much fun?  Actually, Harry and Mae made the experience fun because kids do that, they look for fun.  As adults, we often forget to look for, and consequently do not always find, fun and laughter in the equation of an experience.  I came home committed to finding more “amusement parks”, more laughter and bringing it to others.  Joel Goodman, the humorist, once said “Humor is contagious, be a carrier!”, and I wish to be a carrier.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels can find humor in the absurdities of life and share their laughter with others.  They know the value of laughter and its impact on their stress level and therefore their health.   Join me. Find laughter and “be a carrier.”

5 responses to “In Search of Daily Amusement Parks

  1. Love this one Light and certainly with a great message. Laughter is contagious and cures many ills…like sadness and lonliness.

  2. Children laugh so easily, adults are sometimes laughter-challenged…we all need to see the humor in our everyday lives….be well! Thanks for reading week over week!!!

  3. This was a wonderful post, and it made me laugh, envisioning the scene. By the way, when you talk about contagiousness of laughter, they should call you Typhoid MA!

    • HI Darcy!!!! So glad you enjoyed the blog….I can laugh out loud just thinkingn about our trip to BBB…as I also do remembering you, me and Ellen in SPain with far too many pitchers of Sangria at noon..I am still amazed that we found our way back to the ship!!! Hilarious. I m iss you…will stop in before the holidays to see you. Loved the photos from Tom of our trip!!!

      Be well, and thanks for reading.

  4. Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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