“How Much Right Can Come from Up-side Down?”

A few weeks ago I baked a pineapple up-side down cake. While doing so I had to ask myself why I was making it.  I live alone and while I am capable of consuming the entire cake, I hardly needed to do so.  I did not have an answer, and as I am known to do from time to time, I created an answer to end the confusion within myself.  I invited a friend over who loves dessert—there, that is why I made the cake!  Recently I purchased a cake pan with pineapple slice impressions on the bottom, perfect for making this favorite dessert.  So I actually had two reasons!

While preparing the cake, I was thinking of the up-side down process of putting the pineapple, cherries, and brown sugar on the bottom when the pineapple and cherries would eventually become the top.  Prior to baking, the cake batter and fruit-bottom seemed odd, not at all resembling the final product.  And that reminded me of a Curly Girl Design greeting card that says, “How much right side up can come from upside down?”  At the end of the 35 minute baking process, everything will be right side up again.

Throughout my life, I felt up-side down at times finding myself uncharacteristically back on my heels, unsure.  An easy example was when I gave birth to my first child, Sean.  I wanted to be a mom since I was a young child and finally at age 23 that wish came true. The problem was that prior to this event, I had never so much as held an infant. I was totally unprepared.  From the moment my water broke my life turned upside-down, I was back on my heels, and most unsure.

The first week of Sean’s life, I “allowed” my sister-in-law, Mabel, to hold Sean and bathe him, and when she went home, I relied on Michael, Sean’s dad.  And then when Michael had to return to work, reality set in.  I had to get my life right-side up again.  I did not bang Sean’s head on the porcelain sink while bathing him, or drop him, and slowly, my life became right side up again.  Four more times with the birth of Sean’s siblings, my life went upside-down for a short period of time, and then right side up again as things settled. I became good at the mom thing; the greeting card is spot on…

“So much right side up can come from up-side down!”

This past weekend our family celebrated its weekend-long Christmas.  This year my former spouse, my children’s dad, joined us, for the first time in 12 years.   We had been up-side down for too long.  But the good news is that after so much up-side down, we are finally right-side up again.  We laughed and sang and told stories of our busy lives.  We are as intact as a not-intact family can be.  We have put what wasn’t good behind us, we have moved forward, and it feels right-side up again.

We all have different challenges throughout our lives and recognize when we are up-side down because it is outside our comfort zone.   Those of us who really want to raise our SUCCESSTROGEN level and be at our personal best, find a way to turn that up-side down to right side up.   Like the pineapple up-side down cake, when the timing is right, we make the flip to right-side up, and the pineapple rings and the cherries are all neatly arranged on top, as they should be.  My family is in a good place today, we are right-side up.

And you?  Can you recall a recent experience where so much right came from upside-down?  


3 responses to ““How Much Right Can Come from Up-side Down?”

  1. I loved this story and analogy. I always think of those messy situations that get righted, as
    the business end of a white elephanant cloud that in the end, gets “poof”, cleaned up! While I don’t think of it in graphic detail,
    I think metaphorically the pineapple upside down cake has much better imagery. Nice piece –
    Thank you, once again. LOL!

  2. We’ve all been there and do know there is a light at the end of the tunnel…or a right side up answer after baking for a while!!

  3. HI D’Arcy and Ellen….May all of your up-side downs become right side up quickly in the days ahead…..Thank you both for your comments, and more important for your loyal readership….I declare January a cruise-reconnect-month only just with the three of us….a nice little lunch, outside somewhere, and of course a pitcher or two of Sangria, just to keep one the my most fun memories of our trip alive!!

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