Personal Tune-Up

While driving  across town recently, an orange-colored icon flashed on my dashboard. The triangular icon appeared out of nowhere and displayed an explanation point in the center.  So many questions popped into my head.  What did it mean?  Where did it come from?  What should I do?  I pulled over and consulted my Owner’s Manual. I quickly learned that the icon meant my car was in need of a tune-up.

The next day I waited patiently for my car to be serviced.  While waiting,   I couldn’t help but note how I quickly I reacted to the flashing icon to understand the problem and its magnitude.  I immediately pulled over to the side of the road, consulted the manual, and scheduled service.

After the tune-up,   I was comfortable that all parts of my car were working as they should.  Regular tune-ups and maintenance enhance the performance of a vehicle,  and therefore, are necessary.  And that got me thinking…

I could use a tune-up, a “personal tune-up”.  I have the equivalent of several “orange-colored icons with explanation points” in the form of joint stiffness, some anxiety about moving, ongoing over-commitment, and poor sleeping patterns.  I did not come with an Owner’s Manual at birth so no need to pull over to the side of the road.  Should I call for service?  But whom do I call?

I think when I am in need of  a personal tune-up,  I have only one person to call–me!  Regarding my mental and physical well-being, I have to recognize the warning signs and act with a sense of urgency as I did with my car problem. Not getting my car in for regular servicing can result in poor performance over time.  Not taking care of my physical and mental health  can also result in poor performance.

I suspect we all have “indicator lights “for needing a tune-up.  For me, I feel “out of balance”, smile less,and laugh even less than I smile.  I feel mentally heavier and tend to worry unnecessarily about things.  I am distracted and have difficulty enjoying the activities that generally bring me joy.  I feel sluggish internally.

Generally, I get my tune-up by reviewing my Top Twenty List to  either assure I am still doing 6-8 things on my list every day, or revise the list to add a spark to my day (see Blog,”Seeking Happiness”  July 11, 2011) .  Other times my tune-up is best achieved by revisiting  my personal vision and what is needed to get me there.   Re-focusing on my personal game plan takes the confusion from my head, and  the re-gained clarity is uplifting.

We are all different.  For some women, taking a day to just do nothing provides the tune-up they need.  For others,  accomplishing things on their to-do list, things that have been weighing on them, creates a refreshed mind.  Still others, need to do something physical to work out the cob webs.  Some women shop for a tune-up, some eat what they usually do not allow themselves to eat, and still others escape into a good book.

Women with high SUCCESSTRIGEN levels do some things proactively to help stay upbeat and in balance, and they are quick to recognize the signs characteristic of needing a tune-up.  When the” icon flashes on their dashboard,” they respond immediately.  They know they want to be at their personal best and they have to be mentally and physically tuned-up to be there and stay there.

How about you?  In need of a tune-up?

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