Lesson from a Box of Crayons

In my ongoing mission to reduce the “things” in my world, I approached the games cabinet where I store fun things for my grandchildren.  It was time to clean it out! I found  traditional board games,  Candy Land and Monopoly, and all sorts of puzzles.  There was a stack of  word games like Scrabble, Taboo, and Boggle.  One shelf was filled with card games:  Crazy Eights, Animal Rummy, and Old Maid.  And then I came upon what belongs in every “grandchildren’s cabinet”,  the coveted box of Crayola crayons!

Crayola crayons have stood the test of time.  Created over 110 years ago,  children today continue to delight in applying the waxy sticks to a blank page and creating a work of art.

I opened the box of  64 crayons, each a different shade of the primary and secondary colors.  Some of the crayons were worn down considerably indicating much use (greens, shades of blue, yellow),  and a few  had their original sharp tips indicating they had never been called upon to add color to anything (gold and beige).  I wondered why. Others were actually worn to a short nub of a crayon, dull from overuse (the red, blue, pink and purple ones), and one crayon was broken. All 64 crayons, the used, never used, overused, or broken, fit neatly in the box that kept them all together.  Even the broken crayon was stacked neatly in its place.  I realized that each crayon  is different, yet together they are a great  resource  for bringing color to a child’s world.

As women, we have a number of resources to help us navigate through our world. In the business world we have experts, processes, and research data to help us make good business decisions.  We have the internet, a resource so tremendous we can hardly get a grip on all it can offer.  We have professional associates from whom we seek advice. We have spouses and partners,  siblings and children, neighbors and acquaintances in whom we can confide.  Like a child with so many crayons at her disposal, women have many resources to enhance their  world.  All they have to do is select and use them.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are aware of their different resources, and use them appropriately.  They call upon some more frequently like the red, blue, pink and purple  crayons, others only occasionally, and still others, never. High  level SUCCESSTROGEN women  know when to consult others, and when to rely on their own gut.  And these same women are resources to others, experts if you will,  and are available as needed.

I  rely on a variety of resources and can easily identify my “red, blue, pink and purple crayons”, my “go to” resources.  I can also identify a few whom I never consult, perhaps because I do not value their opinion, or…wait a minute…it is because their opinion would differ from mine?  Am I missing something by not consulting them? Didn’t I just last week blog about 360 degree decision-making, gathering all the information?????

I am about to take my life in a different direction beginning with a move from the beach to city life.  There is so much on my mind I can barely focus as I contemplate purchasing  a bargain on a short-sale or something finished and ready for me to move in and entertain.  I will call on the ” nub crayons” to talk this through (Ellen, the kids, my brother Mike). And then I will rely on Karen and Marc, the “often used crayons” that always add a new look to my perspective.   And what about that “crayon” I never consider…should I?  Will I?

And  you?  Do you use the resources available to help you?  Can you easily identify your “red, blue, pink and purple” resources? And what about the one you never call upon….any need to reconsider?

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