Now that my moving date is just a few weeks away, I have to get serious about minimizing.  In the TV cabinet, I found far too many DVDs.  Whereas some  were not even remotely familiar , the “Wizard of Oz” was one DVD I  remember well.   One memorable character was the lion who was the antithesis of  literature’s portrayal of the lion as “king of the jungle”.  The lion in the movie was afraid of his own shadow and sought the Wizard for a gift of courage.

Like the Lion in the movie, I lack courage. Unlike others I know who have the courage to battle a life-threatening illness, participate in extreme sports, or travel alone and live in a foreign country, I just wish I would do many things that require courage.  I may talk about doing something courageous like living in Italy for a few months, but I have talked about that for several years and have yet to make  it happen.  I  am intrigued by  women who are courageous and I listen to their stories with enthusiasm, but in my heart I know that I lack the courage to do what they have done.

The Wizard, of course, turned out to be a hoax, but the Lion learned that he already possessed the courage he was seeking.  In a recent movie, Benjamin Mee, (“We Bought a Zoo”), perhaps could qualify as a modern-day wizard as he addressed the concept of courage with his son, Dylan.  The teenager lacked the courage to express his feelings for Lily, a young teen, and as a result they had grown apart.  Like the Wizard’s advice to the lion, Benjamin explained that Dylan had courage, he just had to use it:  “Sometimes, all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.”

20 seconds of insane courage

I do not remember much of the movie after that other than it ended happily ever after because the words “20 seconds of insane courage” took me out of the movie and into myself.  Courage…. I believe that courage is the most important virtue because with courage one can exhibit any other virtue consistently. I think women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are courageous.  They face challenges and take risks so that they can continue to improve the world, their lives and the lives of others.

The opportunity for improvement for me is huge in the area of behaving courageously.  What would “20 seconds of courage” look like for me?  Well, it might be making the plans for that long anticipated three-month experience in Italy.  It would mean selecting travel dates, putting them on my calendar, and working my life around that event.  Another courageous thing for me would  be to apply for an adjunct professorship at a local university.  And another would be to put my book proposal in front of a publisher for a real-life critique of my writing.   The 20 seconds of insane courage is the phone call to the travel agent, making the appointment at the university,  and/or making an appointment with a publisher.

“20 seconds of insane courage”…that’s all it would take to get things in motion for me. I have endured more than 20 seconds of pain with multiple  kidney stones, and more than 20 seconds of fear on a Jet Ski,—20 seconds isn’t all that long!  I can exhibit 20 seconds of insane courage!

What about you?  Where would you spend “20 seconds of insane courage?”

3 responses to “Courage

  1. Wow. When u put it that way. It does seem easy. I know if things were going badly I would have the courage to make that move. I did it when I filed for divorce and left the material security I had for the independant unknown But when things are going OK. I hesitate to rock the boat of my contentment
    Is that being scared or lazy? I don’t know.”.

  2. By the way. I think you are one of the most courses ladies I am honored to know!

  3. Your question about not rocking the boat is interesting….but it seems to me if things are well they should be left well, but when there is that gnawing tug to change something or experience something different, then it may require calling upon our courage to act. Thanks for the post! ma

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