I am reading a good book, Pillars of Truth.  While doing so, three of my grandchildren are upstairs in this tiny home practicing for their “cousin’s band.”  The loud noises emanating from the drums, electric guitar and keyboard are hardly pleasant to the ear!  As if the noise weren’t enough distrubance,   the kids keep interrupting my reading to remind me to attend their “concert” in twenty minutes. Every few minutes, the music stops and the children  run down the stairs, through  the kitchen to the living room, encircling me while singing out loud.   Surprisingly, it is easy for me to look up from my book, respond to the kids, and return to my reading as they run off again to practice the song they think will one day make them famous.

The noise level is so horrific that I expect the woman next door to be on my doorstep  any moment!  But I am relaxed on the couch, feeling calm, just enjoying my  book. How is it with all this noise and chaos around me  that I am able to read today?  I actually feel calm, at peace.  How can that be?

On the wall is a tiny unframed canvas of  lower case letters that may provide me an understanding:

peace… does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

The noise level in this home tonight is “sound-barrier breaking “and yet with all the noise and the running around, I still feel peaceful,  calm in my heart.   I am in the midst of a move from one condo to another, which is a lot of trouble and hard work, yet I feel  at peace.   I like this feeling.

Surely during other major events in the past I was not at peace. Quite the contrary, I was anxious, unsure, and even angry at one point.  I am not calm in my heart when my life is full of clutter, physical and/or emotional.  During those times I am distracted and edgy, and put too much focus on the clutter without lessening it.  I worry, fret , and do other useless activities that do not result in any change.

Recently I made a huge decision to move my residence, to unravel and downsize, and get things in order.  And as I sorted through what I would give away, sell, and take with me I felt the calm coming over me.  Downsizing my overhead size and cost was a relief to me.  But probably more important than even the getting rid of  excess space and “stuff”,  is a recent decision to dispose of some  emotional clutter. I  forgave a person for a wrongdoing that drastically changed my life 13 years ago.  I think the calm of heart for me comes with this forgiveness. 

I think women with the highest SUCCESSTROGEN levels generally have calm in their hearts, while my calm wanes at time.  I know I need to be faster to realize when the calm is waning, identify  the obstacle(s), and  remove them. I like the “calm of heart ” me better than the other me.

And you?  Do you have it, the calm of heart? If not, what do you have to do to get there? And if you have it, how do you maintain it?  

I have to go, the “concert” is about to start!

3 responses to “Peace

  1. Amen !! Especially the forgiveness part

  2. Pam Gillette Frye

    Oh yes Mary Ann.. forgive 70 X 7.

  3. Letting go of physical and emotional clutter is an essential part of being at peace. For me, another important aspect is yogic breathing – it allows you to be in the moment and enjoy the cacophony of music as it occurs around you!

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