Gift of a Smile

I was feeling uncharacteristically down the other morning.  I am not exactly sure why but I know I was in a slump and found it difficult to even form a smile.  My usual tips for getting myself out of a slump didn’t seem to work.  Mentally reviewing my Top Twenty List didn’t help.  Playing an ABBA CD didn’t get me singing out loud as it usually does.  And further, I did not find driving with the top down to be exhilarating.  Even a quick burst of sugar from an Almond Joy didn’t bring me back to my happy state.

I decided to take my sorry self to the Meditation Garden, hoping to reflect on all the good things in my life to get my happy mood back.  While I was in the garden sitting on a bench, I couldn’t help but hear the voice of a young child behind me.

“Oh, Mommy!”, the child was saying,   Can we just sit here and see the ‘booteeful’ flowers?”

Before I knew it, the little girl sat down on the bench right next to me.  I could feel her staring up at me.  As I glanced over towards her, she asked,

“Do you like the booteeful flowers?”

“Yes”, I said simply, still cranky and hoping the mom would move her daughter to another bench and let me just be.

“You like the tiny pink and white ones best, right?” she asked.

There were many flowers in front of this bench, all different colors. The tiniest ones were pink and white and hardly visible because they were choked by the other larger flowers.

“Yes,  I think you are right. The tiny pink and white ones are my favorites, that is why I chose this bench.”

“I knew that”, she replied.  She knew that???? How did she know that?

And she continued,  “because your toe nails are pink and white!  And then,

“Mommy, look!  My friend has polka dot toe nails!!  She was smiling about her discovery.  “Mommy,  can you paint my toe nails pink with white polka dots just like my new friend?  Please mommy, please?”

“…like my new friend”.  Wow,  I thought.

The little girl smiled a huge smile at me, a huge smile!  And then out of no where came my smile.  Yeah!  My smile was back!!!! It is as if this tiny whisper of a child  knew I didn’t have a smile and she gave me hers.

And there my dear readers was my lesson for the day, a lesson taught to me by a four-year old child:

If you see someone without a smile, give her yours.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels smile knowing that their smile impacts others around them. And sometimes when they have temporarily lost their own smile, they know they need to get it back, so they search for it, finding it sometimes in  unusual places.

A smile is a powerful thing.  The little girl gave me hers and the rest of my day was upbeat and pleasant and fun.  What a gift she gave me, and to think I don’t even know her name!

One response to “Gift of a Smile

  1. Pam Gillette Frye

    Mary Ann.. I am going to make up my own scenario… The little girl is you. You saw yourself in her and The little girl smiled a huge smile at me, a huge smile! And then out of no where came my smile. Yeah! My smile was back!!!! It is as if this tiny whisper of a child knew I didn’t have a smile and she gave me hers. I know..

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