Grain of Sand

My long anticipated move from the beach to downtown  was about to happen. While I was excited, I must admit I felt a little sad at leaving the very beach that lured me here 14 years ago. When I first arrived in Florida, I walked the beach daily. My walks were incredible: with the white sand, the smell of the Gulf, the shells and sand dollars, and the occasional sighting of a dolphin. I also loved the tiny, quick-stepping-sandpipers gathered together as though they were holding a meeting on the beach. All these things as well as an occasional spotting of a sand crab, a sand castle, and a turtle nest made no two walks the same.

I was well aware that during those walks my mind was uncluttered, wide open to the world, allowing me to fully experience and appreciate whatever happened along the way. I was able to see the entire beach and all it offered. And when I would go home afterwards I felt refreshed and creative as I sat down to work.

Then almost without my realizing, the walks became less frequent giving way to other things that occupied my time. I played more tennis, started my doctoral journey, and focused on my work developing sales leaders. Regardless of the positive impact my beach walks had on me, they became only occasional and eventually stopped.

Today I took one more of those walks. Wow! I had forgotten how powerful those walks were! When was the last time I walked the beach and just opened my mind to the moment? These past few years I was focused, narrowly focused, on completing my degree. As a matter of fact I was so focused that perhaps I lost sight of the broader scope of my life. It was as though I was focused on a grain of sand and lost sight of the beach.

“Focused on a grain of sand and lost sight of the beach”

I think that happens. I think sometimes we can be so intent on one aspect of our lives such as our job, or a relationship, that we lose sight of our reason for being. We focus on ” a grain of sand, and we lose sight of the beach!” Surely during my doctoral studies, I became so focused on my research, I missed some local events and time with family and friends. My graduate work was never meant to be my whole life for five years and yet it seemed to encompass all of me.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are able to focus on their jobs or relationships yet they maintain a balance in their lives. They have a clear view of how each dimension of their lives fits in the whole.  While they are able to focus  on the matter of the moment, and they never lose sight of the beach.

The “beach” for me is my big picture, my  reason for being, my purpose.  I am clear that my purpose is to positively impact others lives.  So while my doctoral studies was one way to achieve my purpose,  opportunities to influence others presented themselves every day, throughout the day.  Sometimes when I was focused on a singular grain of sand, I miss the opportunities to make an impact.

And how about you? Have you ever lost sight of the beach?

One response to “Grain of Sand

  1. An excellent and gentle reminder, on a day, a week even when I have definitely lost my focus. Too much time spent on the little things and short-term deadlines instead of the big picture. Thanks for the prompt and I hope your walks continue even with the downtown move, Jane

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