Words Matter

Every day I get useless emails that I have no interest in because they have no bearing on my life and sometimes they even offend me.  And then, every so often, someone sends me something so “spot on” to my life or the moment that  I find myself reviewing it over and over again.  Recently  my brother-in-law, Lou, sent me a video clip about a blind man who was sitting along the road side.   A sign in front of him, scribbled on an old piece of cardboard said, “I am blind.  Help me”.  As the man sat there, an occasional passerby would drop a coin or two on the ground in front of the man. After a while,  a woman stopped,  picked up the sign, and on the back of it wrote “It is a beautiful day and I cannot see it!”  She positioned the sign to display the new words.

Immediately, many people passing by began  dropping  coins in front of the blind man.  The only obvious impetus to the change were the new words.  The sign offered the same message, using different words to convey the thought. It appears that words matter!

Words matter.

I am not absolutely sure about  many things, but one thing I am sure of is that words matter.  Words are the tools we use  to express our thoughts and feelings either verbally, in writing, or in song.   Dictionaries and thesauruses  offer us many word choices, giving us every opportunity to say exactly what we want to say.

Just think about the power of our words!  Our words can bring on a smile, help someone feel good about herself, provide support, enlighten, teach, engage and bring about change in our world.  And unfortunately, our words can hurt, discourage, disengage, create distance, and cause anger as well.  Parents, teachers, and managers have seen the benefits of their well-chosen words, as children, students and employees are encouraged and motivated to learn and do the right things.  Unfortunately, they have also experienced times when they have used the wrong words,  distancing themselves from the very people they care about  and wish to help develop.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are good at choosing the right words that engage and encourage others. Occasionally, when they  choose the wrong words and get a different reaction than anticipated, they own their mistake and correct their words.  They are also aware of the importance of the tone of their words, which can add a different meaning to their words.  Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels care about how they communicate so they take the time to choose the right words and tone.

Sometimes my word selection or the quickness of my response has a different impact than I desire. When that happens I can easily accuse the receiver to be “overly sensitive” or to have “misunderstood my intention” but at the end of the day I have to be honest with myself–I am responsible for the words and tones I chose to communicate with others.

How about you? Are there any opportunities for improvement for you with regard to the words you choose????? Words matter!

4 responses to “Words Matter

  1. Pam Gillette Frye

    Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are good at choosing the right words that engage and encourage others. Empowering.

  2. Yes, unfortunately I think most women think they are effective communicators when actually many are offensive, off-putting and even intimidating—each of which discourages rather than encourages. Be well, Mary Ann

  3. Pam Gillette Frye

    Encouragement. I love that word.

  4. When we are inspired by someone, we may follow in their footsteps, but when we are encouraged, we are getting the message that we are capable and have the support needed..yes, I like term encouragement for all that it does!!! ma

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