Thank Someone Again

Just the other day, my  hands ached as they sometimes do, a cruel  reminder  of my auto-immune disease, scleroderma.  My fingers were inflamed and I could feel myself getting frustrated with my inability to get them to glide easily over the keyboard to communicate with family, friends and business associates.  I was just about to give in to the discomfort and shut down my pc when  a new email popped up.    I recognized the name as someone who attended my leadership development workshops many years ago.  It had been 12 years  since I had heard from her!!!

I recalled that she was a  woman who took her personal and professional development  very seriously, and often asked me for additional coaching. Her email stated  that she left the large organization where I met her,  and moved on to a small  entrepreneurial company. She seemed to be flourishing.   She recalled an  evening years ago  when we sat over coffee sorting through her  personal issues until the wee hours of the morning.  Since that time, she  made some major changes in her life, was now happily married and the mother of two children.  She was emailing to tell me how happy she is today, and “more important”, she wrote, “I want to thank you again.”

Wow!  What an uplifting email!–I am not sure if her email actually reduced the inflammation in my hands, or if I just pushed through the discomfort, but my fingers seemed to work as quickly as my mind as I responded to her email.   I congratulated her for taking charge of her life and doing what she had to do.  And while  her email said how much she learned  from me, I responded that this time she had in fact taught me something:  Thank someone again.

Thank someone again.

Wow…a simple and powerful message!  I cannot remember the last time I thanked someone again for the impact they have had on my life. There are so many people whom I should thank again…so many!  I will have to make a list! Women with the highest SUCCESSTROGEN levels  do not have to make a list, they know who they need to thank again and they continually do so.

Today  I will  create a list of all the people I need to thank again.  At first thought the list is daunting, and then my quick second thought is how lucky am I that I have so many people to thank again!  There are those who believed in my pursuit of my doctoral studies, and those who held my hand during a kidney stone battle.  There are those who continue to love me and those who loved me for only a short time when I needed them to do so. There are those who played tennis with me when I could hardly return the ball, those who attempted to teach me to play the piano,  and those committed to keeping me healthy.  As I said,  the list is daunting, but I will thank them again.

By the way…is there anyone you  might consider thanking again?

One response to “Thank Someone Again

  1. We say “thanks” when someone holds a door for us or performs a small service for our benefit: but, what do you say when someone saves your life.
    On the evening of 27 Nov 2002, the continuation of my life was seriously being threatened by severe chest pains that eventually caused my heart to stop beating. The quick thinking,experience, and training of the Sugarloaf Mountain Rescue Team that came to my aid made the difference between life and death, to me personally.
    I want to thank the Sugarloaf Rescue Team that answered my distress call, for their persistence in keeping me breathing and my heart beating, saved my life. I,also, would like to thank the Senior Rescue Technicians for staying with me during the Air Med Evac flight in the event my heart stopped again. The Teams foresight to use Air Med Evac made the difference between a near death experience and an actual event.
    By 0130 on Thanksgiving Day,28 Nov 2002, I was on the Operating Table at the Maine Medical Center, in Portland, Maine, with a full Surgical team preparing me for surgery to repair my heart.
    This Surgical Team would not have been available to me under the circumstances, without the Sugarloaf Rescue Team’s foresight, expertise, training, and dedication.
    I, personally , want to thank each and everyone of them, and any others that contributed to the success of preserving my life, without their dedication and service my life would have terminated.
    This “Letter of Thanks”, limited by words, does not adequately express the full measure of my gratitude, which I will carry with me the remaining days of my life.
    My heartfelt thanks to you all, again,again,and again for as long as I am alive.

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