T-Shirt Affirmation

While visiting a friend recently, I attended a local  farmers market.  Many streets were blocked off allowing the vendors space to set up their booths and display their goods.  There were rows and rows of colorful fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, baked goods and even jewelry.  Usually lured to the fun jewelry booths, this time I found the aroma of sausage and peppers to be most distracting and ended up buying a hero sandwich at 10:30 in the morning!

While I was waiting for my sandwich, a very large man stood alongside me. I couldn’t help but notice his t-shirt which said ” I pooped today”. “Really?”,  I thought.    “You, a grown man, are wearing a T-shirt that says you pooped! Ugh! ”

What would ever possess someone to wear that t-shirt?  Totally unable to see the humor, I ignored him, paid for my sandwich, and walked off to find a shady spot where I could totally enjoy my sausage and pepper hero.  A few minutes into my culinary treat,  a young  20-something man asked me where I found  the sausage and peppers.  As I looked up, scrawled across the front of his t-shirt was “Cool story, Babe. Now go make me a sandwich”. I prefered to punch his face rather than provide him with any information. I found myself shaking my head negatively while pointing to the vendor.

What is happening to us?   Have we all gone mad?  Years ago, I became tired of displaying a designer logo on the front of my apparel but trust me,  I find the tiny Polo horse far more palatable than “I pooped today.”

I must admit, while disgusted at what I saw on the two men, I came to realize the ” billboard factor”  of a  t-shirt.  One of my earliest blogs was  about my favorite Nike t-shirt that says EVERY DAMN DAY on it, reminding me that every day I have to work hard at being at my best.   It is my hope that when I wear it others are reminded of what kind of consistent focus our development takes.   A friend of mine wears a t-shirt that says “My church is prayer-conditioned.” –again a pleasant message inviting the reader to find a church, get a break from the heat, and feel good.

There are many things I would like to display on a t-shirt that would reflect my beliefs and a message I want to send.  For example one would say, “Make Water Your Drink of Choice”  suggesting that we all need to drink more water.   Another would say, “Do Something Physical Today”  reminding others that in order to be healthy we need to walk, run, or exercise in some fashion.  Perhaps another would say simply “Believe” suggesting that we believe in ourselves, in a higher power, and in our ability to change our behavior.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN send their messages through their behavior, but maybe observers don’t always apply the good behavior they see to their own lives.  If the message sent by someone’s behavior is unnoticed, then perhaps the t-shirt display might be another way of catching someone’s attention.

So what about you?  What would you say to the world on your t-shirt,  just in case they missed the message of your behavior?

2 responses to “T-Shirt Affirmation

  1. Hi MA…My first thought about this was a funny slogan about 2 of my most favorite things (other than my children & grandchildren, & of course, my husband!)…..that is shoes & drinking wine. But then I realized the t-shirt that most represents what I believe & how I try to live my life, is one I already have! It’s from the Life is Good line & it says….”We will never know all the good a simple smile can do.” Amen.

  2. AMEN. Mary Kay. AMEN!!

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