Message in a Sneaker

I am a huge New Balance sneaker fan.  The sneaker seems to be a slight bit wider than other popular brands and somehow my feet are their “happiest” when I am playing tennis while wearing them.   Founded in 1906, the New Balance organization brought an excellent product to market and continues to do so.  The sneakers are consistently comfortable,  well constructed, and good value which is exactly why I purchase them over all other brands.   Manufactured here in the United States, the New Balance sneaker of 106 years ago is the New Balance sneaker of today with improved technology that has not sacrificed its original comfort, durability and value.

Today, as I was glancing through the Sunday paper, I noticed an advertisement for New Balance sneakers. The ad was addressing just what I was telling you, the  consistent quality of the footwear.  The ad read “Excellent never backs down. ” And there you have it:  New Balance never backs down from their reputation as an excellent sneaker.

Excellent never backs down

As I was reading the ad,  for just a moment I thought I was reading part of a SUCCESSTROGEN blog.  Each week, my intention is to convince some of you and remind others, that a rating of excellent is what we should strive for in everything we do.

Excellent should be our focus, and we should never back down from it.  Imagine if the makers of our cars, appliances, prescription drugs, toys, and electronics always produced an excellent product!  We would not have the level of product problems that present a danger to our well-being, and there would be fewer annoying and inconvenient product recalls.  Imagine if our government leaders always led with excellence!  We would still be the prosperous and powerful nation we once were, we might actually provide equal education for all our children,  and we would train the unemployed raising their standard of  living.   We might even find the two political parties working in partnership  for what is truly best for our country!  “Excellent never backs down.”

But that’s what “excellent never backs down” looks like when others are focused on it.  What does it mean for you and me?  For me, “excellent never backs down” means as a parent, I continue to model the behavior my children need to see, to be available to them, not to admonish or give advice, but rather to be the moral foundation on which they can lean.  As a friend, “excellent never backs down” means I stay in the moment when a friend needs me, putting my personal list of things to do aside.   As a tennis player, it means I play to the last point, not giving up because I am tired or losing.  Further, it means I will behave in alignment with my values  every single day and not stray from them no matter what.

High SUCCESSTROGEN women are well aware that “excellent never backs down” as excellent permeates their entire lives.  They do not  back down from excellent when they are either leading others or following them, when they are  parenting children, playing a sport, or socially engaging with others. They are always at their best.

Excellent never breaks down.

What does that phrase mean in your life?

3 responses to “Message in a Sneaker

  1. Pam Gillette Frye

    MAO… best blog yet… I can so relate. TY

  2. MA….I love New Balance shoes…I never buy any other athletic shoe…but I do so because I have another view of the company. A few years ago I read an article about the owner of NB…. He has pledged to keep at least 25% of the manufacturing here in the USA even if it increases his costs. We all need to support him for this reason as well as for the ” Excellent” standard that you so eloquently wrote about! Thanks for another great column.

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