Halloween Insight

I was visiting in Chevy Chase again and a quick stop in the CVS Pharmacy reminded me that it is Halloween time.  Ghosts and goblins, skeletons and monsters hung from the drug store ceiling haunting  customers to purchase them.  The candy bins on aisle 5 were over flowing with candy corn, wax fangs, and skull-shaped lollipops reminding us that it is the season to either provide a treat or be subject to a trick.  When children appear at my door, chiming “Trick or Treat” in unison, I know they will be  hoping that I opted to give them a treat and further, that I am not one of those people who give raisins or a bag of tiny carrots!!!

As I left  CVS, I purchased a few fresh pumpkins to carve with the kids, and made sure we had time to pick out their costumes while I was visiting as well.  I must admit, I fake my enthusiasm for this holiday when I am with the kids as it was never really one of my favorites.  As a child I was literally fearful of the concept of monsters and ghosts, as a teen in New Jersey never liked the “Cabbage Night” destructive pranks,  and as a young mom,  was worried about losing sight of my kids on Halloween night. Frankly,   For several years there were reports of razor blades in apples given out to Trick or Treaters adding to my overall Halloween fear.

I never saw much value in the holiday, until this week when I passed a shop that displayed a sign that said, “Life is a witch and then you fly.”  I smiled and frankly thought to myself, “Okay! I may now be hooked. There is some meaning in Halloween that I can cling to.”

Life is a witch and then you fly.

The sign reminded me of a familiar theme of my SUCCESSTROGEN blogs, life has its challenges and they can be disconcerting, troublesome, and  painful, but somehow for the most part we get through them, and then…and then….we feel grounded again., we take off and we can “fly!”  So for a holiday that I have discounted in the past as somewhat useless, I must admit, this little sign gave it a bit of a meaningful twist for me.

So Happy Halloween and if for some reason this day is a bit of a “witch” for you, remember to hang in there because surely in a day or so you will be able to fly again!!!

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