Good Friends are like Stars

One of my favorite times of my day is late evening when I am climbing into bed.  My bedroom overlooks Sarasota Bay and every single night the sky is full of  stars.  Somehow they are my stars, entertaining just me with an exquisite  light show.  I do not know much about astrology and can only name  a few constellations, but I do  know a simple fact about stars:  Stars are always in the sky, even during the daytime. The  brightness of the sunshine blocks the visibility of the stars during the daylight hours,  giving us the impression that they are only in the sky at nighttime.  Don’t you love the idea that stars are always in the sky?   I find that thought comforting…the stars have a permanent  place in the sky and are always there for me. They wait until darkness to make their grand appearance.

The stars remind me of my closest friends because I cannot always them either because many live far away but I know they are always “there” for me.  Like the stars in the sky, I can count on my good friends to appear when they are needed, I merely have to look up to find them.

Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but they are always there.

As women we have friends, lots of friends.  With them we enjoy dinner, see a movie, shop, dream, laugh, cry, and work together.  Perhaps we even travel to a foreign country with  them.  Wer are related to some of our friends, some have been in our lives since  childhood, and still others are friends by the nature of where we live or the activities we engage in.

Some friends we hardly see and yet when we reconnect it is as though they have been with us every moment, much like the stars in the sky.  In fact, our distant friends may be some of our closest friends.  These are the women and men who defy any geographic, cultural, generational or other boundaries between us because they “get us” and they always have.  Our friendship is based on a real understanding and love for one another, and these friends however geographically, culturally, and generationally different, are like the stars…they are always there for us.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN know when they need the help of their distant stars and they seem to sense when they are needed in return.  While I believe my nearby friends know what they are to me, I am not so sure I have told those distant “stars” of their importance in my life.  It is time for me to reconnect with  Jane in North Carolina,  my niece Lynda Anne in Southern California, Donna in Nashville, and my friend Bob on the NJ Shore.

I like knowing the stars are always in the sky and I like knowing that my friends and I are always present for one another. When you go to sleep tonight, look up at the stars and enjoy them, and then when you awaken in the daylight, know that they are there as well, you just can’t see them until the evening hours.

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