Happily Ever After

I am always inspired when I meet someone who has a talent that I do not possess.  Kim  is an entrepreneur,   smart as entrepreneurs usually are, creative and very tuned in to others.  Her company is Movin’ On Up Resumes.  Kim refers to herself as a “Chief Career Storyteller” as she gets inside the emotions and energy of her clients and captures all of who they are in a unique resume that presents far more than a list of previous jobs and accomplishments.  Part of the process with me included an introductory phone intake session, worksheets to complete, and  a 4-5 hour phone call focusing on “my story.”

My work with Kim reminded me that we all have a story. Our story begins at the beginning when we let out that first cry and our story continues well beyond the present moment to include the legacy we wish to leave the world.  Our story is not just about the facts that we are moms or career women, or that we are married or divorced, or worked here or there.  Our story is about who we are which can only be a story that includes our upbringing, our values,  our challenges and our good fortune ,what we have accomplished and what we still wish to do,  how we spend our time today, and the legacy we wish to leave.

I am a storyteller by trade and am partial to a story with a happy ending.  If “Happily Ever After” doesn’t appear on the last page of a story I am reading  to my grandchildren, I always add the missing ending by inserting…”and they lived happily ever after.”  I guess I do that because I am guided by the words of Orson Welles…

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

And there you have it. I  want a happy ending to my story and so while I am happy today I still have things left to accomplish, things that I want to be part of my story.  I want to reach many more women through SUCCESSTROGEN, I want to be in front of audiences of women helping them define success for themselves and develop a plan to get them there.  I want to get my book published and I want to learn to speak a foreign language.  Now that I think of it, I  keep adding new things to my story. Just when I think I have arrived at the happy ending, I seem to add something new to my life  which requires more focus to  achieve a new happy ending.   Learning something new, such as a language, sport or hobby or joining a new volunteer organization all are ways of adding to the new happy ending.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN create happy endings to their stories, endings that might reflect that they led a good life, that they cared, that they created something or that they helped others.   They are remembered as strong women, happy women, and women who mattered.   A happy ending to my story would be that I have accomplished all my goals, and left a legacy to my grandchildren about  living uncompromised values, about being productive, about all women desiring a change to achieve their personal best, and about giving to others.  I like happy endings to all stories so I will continue with my new ventures to  ensure a happy ending and  I hope one day someone will say that I lived “happily ever after.”

What is the happy ending for your story?

3 responses to “Happily Ever After

  1. Thank you for the shout-out, Mary Ann! After spending so much time with you, I can attest to the fact that you wear many hats with aplomb, including the one labeled “storyteller.”

  2. My sister and I are in the process of writing our own “happily ever afters” and sharing as we do so. Very cathartic. Your posts are empowering. Your words… “Now that I think of it, I keep adding new things to my story. Just when I think I have arrived at the happy ending, I seem to add something new to my life which requires more focus to achieve a new happy ending.” Words to contemplate.

  3. Thank you both, Kim and Pam, for your comments. We all have a story and we are in charge of the ending so regardless of what happened yesterday, our story continues on today, leaving the ending, happy or otherwise, up to us.

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