An Open Letter to Santa


My goodness, Santa, who would believe,

Its coming fast, it’s almost Christmas Eve!

You must be stressed with so much to do,

But I have 12 grandchildren, so I am stressed too!

And to think of it Santa, at least you have help

Oh, what I would give for just one elf!


With flights to schedule, and gifts to buy,

Parties, this poem, and wrapping, oh my!

Each year I fret that it won’t all get done,

Yet somehow I manage to get to every one!

Look, I know you are busy, Santa, but I’ve got a small list

On your help this year, I must insist!


If my friends can’t find me and didn’t know

Tell them I moved downtown, and I am all aglow!

I walk, and I walk, and I walk even more

To dine out, get my hair done, and to the grocery store!

Please say that this was a big year for me

I moved, I published, and I earned my PhD!!!

My children are busy with so much to do,

But, Santa, they really need your help this year, too!


We all  need a gift of good health and good cheer

So that we can take care of others throughout the year

Remind us all to be kind, and never mean

Take care of our earth, and be more green.

Be patient, tolerant, and share more than once in a while

Laugh out loud, speak kindly, and remind us to smile.


So thank you, Dear Santa, for listening today

I know you are busy, so be on your way.

Oh, wait a moment  if I can still have your ear,

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Mary Ann





2 responses to “An Open Letter to Santa

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Mary Ann. Safe travels, and I wish you all the best for the New Year, too.

  2. And to you and Ray as well., I hope to see you soon but at the pace I am going to get everything done on time for my Christmas travel, it will be January…hopefully right after the holidays. Be well, Mary Ann

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