A Little Bit of News

I have some news to share with you.  One of my favorite websites is an online magazine, The Beauty Bean.  The magazine is an incredible resource for the very things women care about:   beauty, nutrition, exercise, annnnnnnd sex.  The Beauty Bean (BB) founder, Alexis Wolfer, has gathered around her a number of talented women in the  beauty, nutrition, exercise or relationship fields, each of whom contribute informative and fun writings to BB.  Alexis is practical in her approach to life and offers many easy, inexpensive ways to restore our skin,  hide those difficult bulges,  make better food choices, and keep ourselves fit.

While I have lived on this earth many more decades than Alexis has,  she and I  connected at the deepest level of our  souls the moment her mom introduced us.  The good news is that Alexis has invited me to join her list of contributors!  You must be scratching your head right about now, wondering what I could possibly contribute to articles about  beauty, nutrition or increasing sexual pleasure!  From looking at me and reading my blogs, you can easily tell that I know little about those subjects.  Alexis floored me when she first extended the invitation to join the Beauty Bean team.  But she explained that she  is redesigning Beauty Bean, and adding two new sections, MIND and PRETTY/BOLD,  and that is where I fit in. Beauty Bean has a very large readership and that enables me to impact so many more women than I have been able to do  with SUCCESSTROGEN.  I am excited about the possibilities of working with Alexis and her team, and maybe influencing more women to pay attention to the cues in their daily life.

The first week in January, I will begin contributing to Beauty Bean twice monthly, and will  continue my SUCCESSTROGEN blog twice monthly, alternating weeks between the two.  The contributions will be different on both sites so I hope you will continue to follow me on SUCCESSTROGEN and visit me and all the incredible women who write for the The Beauty Bean.

While Eckhart Tolle warned us that  “some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” Those of you who feel a tinge of  disappointment because you are accustomed to starting off  every week with a new SUCCESSTROGEN blog, will soon realize that there is a wealth of information and fun for you on The Beauty Bean.  Please, come join me there, too.  The new Beauty Bean is up and running, so please check it out.  Beginning January, I  will  alternate weeks between SUCCESSTROGEN and Beauty Bean.

Be well, everyone and again, please know I am grateful to you for continuing to read my thoughts and share them with your family and friends.

Mary Ann

2 responses to “A Little Bit of News

  1. Congratulations !! what wonderful news. To be recognized and respected for your opinions is top notch! But I always knew that ! Well done. you deserve it.
    Have a great Holiday !

  2. I think that is very fancy when someone asks you to contribute to their online magazines. Congratulations, and btw Merry Christmas!

    On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 4:51 PM, SUCCESSTROGEN

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