Dashboard Reminder

I returned from  a recent trip and was  inundated with a stuffed mailbox including a note from the delivery person that even more mail was waiting for me at the front desk.  A notice from my auto dealership indicated my lease was expiring and I had to select another car.  There were  far too many emails  that I ignored while away and of course there were several  phone messages.   This morning was going to be a “Get Back on Track ” day so I got up early and made my way to the car with my list in hand.  I no sooner started up the engine and there appeared an ominous warning light on  my dashboard:  “Service Engine Soon” it threatened.  UGH, “Not now, not today–I have so much to do!”, I said out loud to no one.

While my first reaction was, “Poor me!”,  I must admit, I was grateful for the dashboard reminder.  In all of my rushing, I may not have noticed any unusual sound coming from the engine.   Frankly, with the pace I had set for myself, I hardly think I would have noticed a smoking engine!!!   The dashboard reminder is persistent and there is no way to shut it off other than to take the car to the dealer for service.   If I want the warning sign to stop blinking and more important, if I want my car to operate at maximum performance and safety, then I have to do something and  pay attention to the warning sign.

Hmmm…Sometimes I think I need a dashboard reminder to keep myself at maximum performance!  Because sometimes, I am a few steps short of a good power walk, or I procrastinate on something that should be done by  moving it to the next day, and then even to the day after that.  I might spend far too many hours playing Words with Friends on my iPad,  daydream about someone new in my life, or  consume far too much sugar in a given day.  I may have a tone in my voice that reflects the impatience I am feeling, I may have not tended to someone in need.  Without a dashboard reminder, I  may go too far into the day before I realize I am out of alignment and need an adjustment.

I have all sorts of “dashboard reminders” for my physical appearance and respond to them quickly.  My grey roots are an indicator that I need my hair colored, my wirey eyebrows that it is time for waxing, and a bulge here or there tells me my frequent dining  out  is out of control.

But what are the dashboard reminders for my behavior? What are the  reminders that I have gossiped, wasted a day, discounted someone’s viewpoint, or acted impatiently for one who needs a bit more time?  I do not have dashboard reminder for my behavior, but I do have a process in place at the end of every day where I review my behavior.  I am tough on myself, I have to be tough in order to live at my maximum performance.

Just as I want my car to function at its maximum performance, I want to be at my personal best as well, every day. I have defined my personal best to mean I am productive and focused, smiling and moving quickly, and often singing a favorite song.   I workout early in the morning and schedule time later in the day for my water workout.   I  say or do something(s) that contributes to the lives of others.  I work on my blogs and keep in contact with the kids and grandkids by email, phone or Instagram.  I  tend to my clients so they can reach their maximum performance. If I designed the day to be a relaxing one, I  am at my best when I  hang out, write, read, or catch up with friends, and feel good about it. That’s how it is when I am at my maximum performance.

How have you defined maximum performance for yourself and what are your “dashboard reminders?”

2 responses to “Dashboard Reminder

  1. Loving this message. One that I can relate to so easily. Idiots lights on the car are a blessing in disguise. I rely on them. Almost missed a special day today because I over extend my good intentions. You reminded me to get my reminders in order.

  2. If I have caught the attention of just one reader so that she rethinks or improves how she lives her life, then I am a happy writer! Always appreciate knowing YOU are reading my thoughts! Be well, ma

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