While sitting on the porch-like swing  overlooking Sarasota Bay, I noticed a colorful bird perched on a tree branch nearby.  The frail branch was flapping, struggling to bear the weight of the bird.  Realizing this blue and yellow bird was in a precarious situation, I expected her to immediately fly away to a safer place. Yet she stayed perched on the wobbling branch singing a song as if all was well.  I could not help but wonder why the bird didn’t feel a  sense of urgency to flee to a safer branch. Why did the bird just sit there singing as if nothing was wrong? The answer is quite simple, isn’t it?  The bird continued to perch on the branch, singing, because she knew she had wings.

She knew she had wings.

Women  with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels approach life as if they have wings. They are not fearful of where they are even when life changes and becomes unsettled. They know they have “wings” to rely on.  Like the bird that continues to sing on the weak branch, these women live their lives in the present, singing with confidence.  They know themselves, where they are going, and how to get there. If  their branch gets wobbly, high SUCCESSTROGEN women use their inner strength, their  “wings” , to accurately assess the situation, develop a plan, and execute the plan to get control of their world again.  This means that sometimes they eliminate the problem altogether, other times they walk away from it, and still other times they proactively create a plan to embrace and live with the challenge.

Today I am well aware of my wings, and like the bird, continue to sing with confidence. Yet there have been times in my life when the wings either weren’t there  or I was too caught off guard  to rely on them.   As a result I stayed stagnant  hoping things would change on their own.   That didn’t happen. Nothing got better until I made it better.

In The Art of Possibility  (Zander & Zander, 2000), the authors speak of the goal of being in “presence without resistance”, a place where  we can best answer the most important question in critical times:   What do I want to do from here?   Rather than deny the precarious situation, fight it, just live with it, or flee from it, knowing we have “wings” enables us to embrace the present challenge and understand it, and then determine what we want to do going forward.  The idea is not to give in to the challenge, but rather proactively determine how we are going to take charge of it. The authors premise is that we need to open our minds, to improve our ability to see all possibilities in a situation.  Only then, can we make the best decision to stay perched on the branch and sing, or fly elsewhere.

And how about you?  Are you aware of your wings? When faced with a challenge, are you able to, like the bird, stay perched and continue singing because you know you have wings?   Are you able to stay in ” presence without resistance” so as to understand the facts and make the best possible decision of what to do next?

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