Invisible Crown

tiara[1]I was recently invited to join my son and his family on a trip to London.  I had been to London many times before and worked as a consultant to Rank Xerox in the UK for three years.   I  love London! I thoroughly enjoy those postulating on their soap box in Hyde Park, the very site of Big Ben, and the chills I get walking through Westminster Abby.  I find myself tracking the where-a-bouts of the Royal Family loving the loyalty Brits have to their Queen.  I have followed the Royal Family since Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, and am well aware of  the impact she has had around the world.  I was a huge advocate of Princess Di and her compassion for those who struggle in life, mourned her untimely death, and now put my faith in Prince William and Princess Kate to carry on her work.

As I was led  into a cute little London gift shop by my 4 year-old granddaughter, Mae spotted a “jeweled” crown and immediately placed it on her head. “Look Gram!  A crown! ”  “Oh, Mae” I replied, “Would you like me to buy you that crown ?”  “Oh no, Gram. ” she  said.  “I already have a crown! Don’t you know that? Don’t you know I have a crown, Gram?”  (As she did in the shop, Mae often repeats herself for emphasis). And there I stood, unusually speechless as it reminded me of a greeting card I had seen just moments before that read, “Always wear your invisible crown.”

Did Mae have one, an invisible crown? Was she aware that she captured the attention of others around her wherever she went?  Did she believe she was destined to lead and inspire others to do good things? As her grandmother, I of course, believe this to be true,  that my tiny granddaughter does in fact wear an invisible crown. However, I am well aware that my son would roll his eyes at my belief and remind me she was likely  referring to an old plastic crown in the bottom of her toy box at home.

“Always wear your invisible crown.”

I like the concept.   The wearing of a crown commands attention.  Someone who wears a crown walks with confidence,  leads by example, and inspires those around her.  Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels never leave home without their invisible crown. We are aware of these women as soon as  they enter a room.   We easily gravitate towards them because somehow we are “better” being in their presence.  We want to be like them. They shine effortlessly and  inspire us by what they say and what they do.   We emulate them.

As women , we should always wear our invisible crowns, and always be prepared to  do what needs to be done.   Women have a huge responsibility to say and do the right things, to fix what we can, to help others find their way, and to right some of the world’s wrongs.  We have shown through our efforts that we can band together and accomplish great things. We have made a difference in this crazy  world and inspired others to want to do likewise.  But our job isn’t done.  Let our  invisible crown reminds us of our ongoing responsibility everywhere in our homes, our businesses, our communities, on the athletic field..everywhere.   We should never be without our invisible crown.

Are you wearing yours today?

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