Add Extraordinary to the Every Day

At my graduation, my granddaughters Alexa, Kira, and Eliza gave me a tiny book called “Celebrating You.”  On one page is written,  “You add extraordinary to the everyday.”  I am rather certain the girls are referring to the stories I tell them.  As soon as I arrive for a visit, the girls ask me to tell them a new story. I am told, they  re-tell my stories to their friends.  The stories have created a wonderful bond between the girls and me–I guess that is how I add  extraordinary to  their everyday.

“… add extraordinary to the everyday.”

Generally  when we think of the word “extraordinary”, we think of people who have done great things, well beyond what most of us could ever even imagine.  We think of Louis Pasteur,  Michelangelo, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  In our current world, we might consider Oprah, Condoleezza Rice, and Mark Zuckerberg as extraordinary.  Last summer  we observed an extraordinary Olympic Gold medalist, Gabby Douglas.  We know people without legs who can walk and blind people whose sight has been restored  because of extraordinary people whose brilliance, vision,  and persistence enabled them to  transcend ordinary performance.

But the message in the book from my granddaughters wasn’t referring to those celebrities, creators, and Olympic athletes.  The book was referring to the likes of you and me and suggesting that we, too, should “add extraordinary to the every day” of another.

Many people add extraordinary to my day, such as the Delta representative who treats me as though I  am the only Delta passenger.  My children  add extraordinary to my  day when they call and remind me of something I did that helped them along the way. There is Carol who literally celebrates my writings by “teeing them up” to others, connecting me with other women I might have not met.   There is the staff at my condo who make this tall, concrete building seem homey.  And of course there is Father Fausto who brings real everyday application to the Scriptures, motivating me to actually live my faith. These people bring extraordinary to my every day.

A  quick glance at my own life and I can only find a few times when I can say I have added extraordinary to the everyday.  Why is that?   Perhaps I am too busy rushing to accomplish the ordinary items on my to-do list. Being ordinary is easy.  To be extraordinary takes a conscious effort to make a positive impact and actually change the course of someone’s day.

Women with High SUCCESSTROGEN add extraordinary to the everyday without having to give it much conscious thought.  The opportunities are abundant:  We can stop gossip before it goes further than our ears, we can  add laughter,  and sometimes  just get out of someone’s way. We can allow the person behind us on-line to go in front of us, give up a parking spot to another, and introduce a new member  into the community.  We can thank a member of the military,  send a note to someone just to let them know they are important to us, and really mean “have a nice day” when we say it.

I think I have some work to do so that I can bring extraordinary into another’s day.  How about you?  Any interest?

2 responses to “Add Extraordinary to the Every Day

  1. I love the way you write…and think. I’m going to be sharing your blog with my daughters.

    • Thank you, and please do! I will look forward to hearing from then. I post a new blog every Monday, and also write for, an online beauty magazine in the MIND section. Be well! Mary Ann

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