A Tiny Seed

Half AppleI am finally catching on to something my son, Matt, told me.  Many times when his 5-year-old twins start misbehaving, the underlying cause is hunger.  While in Hamley’s of London recently my  grandson, Harry John, began to disagree with whatever I said.  I recognized the ornery behavior from that of his dad many years ago.  As you know, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”  I reached in my purse and offered him an apple and psychologically patted myself on the back for  bringing one along.  Harry took a huge bite of the apple and then a few others quickly after that.  All of a sudden he spit out a seed exclaiming “I wish apples didn’t have seeds! I don’t like seeds!”

Remembering an old Welsh proverb, I noted, ” Did you know that ‘a seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible?’  I got “the look.”  I tried harder to make my point. “You see, when we plant apple seeds they become apple trees and many apple trees together become an orchard.  Then we can eat them and make all sorts of  things you enjoy like  apple pie and apple sauce.”

“Apple seeds can make me choke” he noted indicating to me that a few bites of his apple did little to resolve the problem!

” A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.”

While Harry John did not want to carry the apple seed-orchard conversation any further, I kept thinking about the apple seed. It looks rather uneventful tucked deep inside the core of the apple,  and could easily be overlooked. Yet the potential of that tiny seed is incredible!

Little seeds become orchards and similarly  little ideas change the world and how we live.  Many times  I  sat with executive teams discussing a relatively simple idea that once implemented, drastically changed the way that organization conducted business. When Maxine Clark first opened her store called Build-A-Bear , did she know she would end up with 44 stores across the country, bringing joy to children as they design their own teddy bear?  I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg could possibly have realized the magnitude of his idea about social networking when he first began talking about something called Facebook.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels have little ideas and they talk about them and develop them and gather others to help them make the idea become a reality. And you and I are fortunate to enjoy those products and services that all started out as simple ideas.   But we have some little ideas in our heads, too, don’t we?  Do we just discard them as useless and annoying seeds as Harry John initially did? Do we talk about them and develop them further? Where are those little seeds that could grow into something big?????

While daydreaming about the orchard thing, I could have lost Harry in Hamley’s toy store. Frantic for a moment, I found him right next to me. He appeared to be examining three apple seeds in his hand.  I knew just what he was thinking as he carefully slipped them into his pocket.  My teaching moment was not lost on him.  And then I glanced over to his dad and was reminded,  “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

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