Exercise for the Heart

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We are well aware of the studies that indicate women need  to exercise in order to be healthy and maintain a healthy heart.  An old Nike t-shirt that reads EVERY DAMN DAY reminds us of what it takes to stay on a healthy path.  We know that healthy bodies protect us from injury and some illnesses.  I have read many medical  studies about the use of various pieces of aerobic and weight training equipment and learned that people over 60 can actually  reverse bone loss by working out.  Little doubt exists about the value of physical exercise for our hearts.   Some women run, others bike, still others walk gingerly and slowly, nevertheless they are exercising for their hearts.

An old proverb reminds us that there is another kind of exercise to maintain a healthy heart…

“A good exercise for the heart is bending down and helping someone to get up.

In our country, we step up in time of need to help one another.  We have seen this recently with regard to the support offered the families who lost children in CT, in people risking their lives to help others after the Boston Marathon bombing, and after the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma.  When something catastrophic occurs, Americans help others through the tragedy. People bend “down and help someone to get up.”

I believe the proverb  also reminds us that it is good for the heart to bend down and help another during ordinary times, during our every day.  The opportunities are abundant!   It might be a simple  smile or a greeting to a stranger as  you pass by.  It might be allowing  someone with just a few grocery items to step ahead of your fully loaded carriage.  It’s a sandwich for someone who lives on the street,  holding the elevator door for someone quickly approaching, and offering to help another carry her packages. It is doing some of those random acts of kindness we talked about a few years back, and seem to have forgotten about. Bending down to help brighten anothers’ day is healthy exercise for the heart.

“A good exercise for the heart is bending down and helping someone to get up.”

While I am committed to, almost fanatical about, my daily exercise routine for my heart, I certainly can do a bit more bending down and helping others.  We are more aware of doing these things during the holiday season, yet high SUCCESSTROGEN women do them as a matter of their day, every day throughout the year.  For as long as I am able, I will  continue to exercise and as long as I am able, I am going to make sure that just as often, every day, I bend down and help someone get up…and therefore exercise my heart!

3 responses to “Exercise for the Heart

  1. I love that proverb…what a great thought, that will turn into action !

  2. Debby Ruggirello

    HI Mary Ann,

    I have a new granddaughter! She was born on August 2nd. I’m not a proud granny or anything. 🙂 Mom and baby are doing fine. The baby’s name is Harper Grace Poole. Born at 12:51pm 8 pound 5 ounces 21 inches long.

    Talk to you soon,


    Debby DeCausemaker Ruggirello

  3. Dear Debby: This is wonderful news! You must be so excited! I am very happy for you and your family. I just hadd 5 of my grandchildren (12 in total) here for a week in Florida! It was noisey, crazy, and it was incredible.

    Be well.
    Mary Ann

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