Raise Your Game


I was recently in Trader Joe’s at the register and caught sight of the cutest pink and brown package of chocolate covered marshmallows.  I like chocolate and I like marshmallows but they are not by any stretch of the imagination my go-to junk food.  So it wasn’t the product that compelled me to buy six packages, it was the packaging that I purchased. I bought them to give to friends as a neat, colorful unexpected surprise.  I have no idea if my friends like chocolate covered marshmallows but that is beside the point.  The cashier, somewhat surprised at how many I purchased, asked, “Oh are these good?”  “I have no idea”, I responded.  “I just like the package.” I left the premises leaving her very bewildered.

I find that I respond in a similar way to print advertising.   I can be turning pages of a magazine in anticipation of reading a particular article, when I am distracted by a print ad. My most recent distraction was a Panasonic ad that was encouraging readers to purchase a large screen TV to brings sports events “home” to their living room.  The add read “Raise Your Game”.

“Raise your game.”

And there it was, a Guru moment,  right there in front of me, waiting for me to take the message seriously and do something.  “Raise your game.” This happens to me far too frequently to be coincidental. Seriously either some little guy is following me around creating messages  to help me navigate through life, or there really is something of a divine plan going on around me, making sure I am at my best every step of the way.

“Raise your game” suggests  improvement, doing better, and achieving more. It means play better, smarter than you did last game. In my tennis game that means keep my eye on the ball, move my serve around, and remember to go down the line whenever possible. In my teaching role, it means talk less and challenge the students more with questions, and help them see the teaching moments in their everyday.  In my friend role, it means to be honest and get out of myself and be the friend I am needed to be.  In my parent-of-adult children role it means let them do what they do, they do not need my opinion.  In my office role where I occasionally pretend to be stupid with regard to technology, it means figure out the technology for yourself because you are not stupid.  And in the role where I am presently an enabler rather than helping someone manage his life, it means, stop enabling.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN continue to raise their game, always looking to achieve more, contribute more, and be more to others.

Any interest in raising your game?  What part of your game needs raising?

2 responses to “Raise Your Game

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for the reminder, Mary Ann! What a pleasure to read this, and to be reminded that there are smart, successful women I can still learn from. Just need to be open and make space for it.

  2. Welcome to SUCCESSTROGEN! I have heard a lot about you as an innovative, successful, and most important, happy woman. Nice to meet you! Be well, Mary Ann

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