Laughing Matters


I had so much fun  on a delightful excursion to South Florida for Labor Day weekend, staying at a cool resort, playing tennis, swimming and unfortunately, over eating. In our room were a number of magazines about fashion, local hot spots and local celebrities.  I was taken by an article about a local photographer, Jerry Uelsmann, who in an interview noted, “If I have an agenda, it is to amaze myself.”  Well, unlike Mr Uelsmann, I do not attempt to amaze myself. Rather my agenda is to amuse myself.

“…If I have an agenda, it is to amuse myself.”

There!  Now that is me! I like to laugh and add laughter to others, so I truly search for humor throughout my day.  In all honesty,  it is much easier to find humor in what others say and do, but trust me, I do not need to look too far outside myself  for a good laugh.  I find a boatload of humor in what I say and do (and in what I forget!!) every day….and if I may be so bold, there is probably a lot of funny stuff in what YOU say and do as well.

Laughing matters, and there are many matters that are laughable. But sometimes humor falls flat, and the feel good of laughter does not occur.  Why is that? I have found that generally when our humor is either about ourselves (a safe topic) or about poking fun at a strength of someone else, the humor generally works well, resulting in hearty laughter.  But when our humor is targeted at the weakness of another person, the humor becomes uncomfortable, and the resultant laughter, if any, is weak at best.

Here’s an example:  My friend Bill is very frugal and frankly others criticize him for it. When we go to dinner, any attempt at humor about expecting Bill to choose the lowest priced item on the menu, falls short, making Bill and others uncomfortable.  On the other hand, my friend Beth is always the first to arrive when a group plans on meeting somewhere, and we tease her about her  arrival time and how she spent the time waiting for the rest of us to show up.  Beth’s being punctual is a strength of hers–we know it and so does she.  We can always count on Beth to be where she is expected, on time, and we love her for it.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN can see the humor in what they say and do, finding laughter in their own personality quirk, a mimicked behavior of a parent, or in my case, an indication of my obsessive/compulsive disorder. As a result of seeing the humor, these women may change their behavior or they may simply accept it as who they are and enjoy the laughs.  They also find humor in others’ strengths, bringing healthy laughter into a situation.  While I fall short in many areas of being at my personal best  compared to other women with high levels of SUCCESSTROGEN, I score myself high SUCCESSTROGEN in laughing matters.

Have a great week, one filled with laughter. Look to yourself first and enjoy the humor, and share the laugh with others.  Then look to find humor elsewhere, but be careful to make sure you are laughing about someone’s strengths.  Laughing is healthy. Laughing relieves stress. Laughing is fun. Laughing matters!

2 responses to “Laughing Matters

  1. MA…you are so right! Laughter makes the world go round. I can’t imagine life without it. 😍

  2. Yes, sometimes we have to search a bit for it, but it is there and well worth the search!!!

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