A young woman I know has just learned that she has to leave the home she has been renting for the past three years and start her life again.  When her former spouse left her and the children, she had to quickly find a place she could afford on her own salary.  She found a  tiny house that seemed just right.  It was affordable and near both school for the children and her workplace.  However her job is ending as the business owner has decided to close the doors of his company.  Learning that her employment is ending leaves her disappointed, confused and justifiably angry having spent the last 14 years with the organization. Over the past 14 years,  she passed up an opportunity to work for a start-up organization, which has done very well.  Due to her loyalty, she stayed with her present employer.

Today, she is questioning why her loyalty did not pay off for her.  The road ahead for her is frightening, and unscripted if you will.  While she does not know it yet, she will rebound and find her place and be grounded again. One day she will realize that she has  emerged into so much more than she was before, because of this very challenge.  I know that because she is strong and made of good stuff, the right stuff.

I blog about challenges often because they are in our lives, throughout our lives, no matter who we are or how we live.  Most of us have  challenges of aging from one decade to another.  Our families and relationships with friends present challenges. Some of us  have financial challenges, spiritual challenges, weight challenges, or challenges with sugar, alcohol, or drugs.

As I consider my friends and associates, I am always enamored by the person who is stronger today because of how she managed through previous challenges.  She has “beaten” them so to speak in that she continues to live her life as a happy, strong woman in spite of the past. She is not beaten down by a daunting illness, or divorce, or addiction, rather she has created a new life, a stronger life where she shines,  polished after the grindstone.

“Life is a grindstone, and whether it grinds a man down or polishes him up depends on the stuff he’s made of.”  (Josh Billings)

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN levels are strong, and it is that strength that allows them to get through the grindstone polished, shiny, and capable, and separates them from those who allowed themselves to be at the mercy of the grindstone. In a few cases they got through the grindstone alone, but in most cases, they relied on family and friends to help them see their own strength and use it to get to a better place.  Last night I had dinner with seven women, each of whom told their story about the  death of a spouse, a divorce, or surviving an illness and each one of them feels happier and stronger today than ever before in their lives.  They were polished by the grindstone.

If you are currently experiencing life as a grindstone, don’t allow yourself to be ground down, opt for the polishing.  If you are not sure if you have the strength, seek help, ask us,  because we have been there too and we want to help you.


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  1. Loved this! You write beautifully!

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