The Significance of 100

dreamstime_m_181008Since I was able to count, I remember the excitement of reaching  100 of anything. One hundred seems to represent a huge milestone achievement!  I remember  accumulating 100 crayons, jumping 100 times on a pogo stick, hitting 100 stick-ball home runs, weighing 100 pounds, and as an adult, accumulating 100 Santa’s in my collection. I remember when my granddaughter asked,   “Want to hear me count to 100, Gram?” as though it was a feat to be celebrated.  As I sat patiently  during the “counting  show”, I watched  her slowing up in dramatic-like fashion as she reached her goal….”…95…96…97…98…99…” At that point, she smiled, shouted at the top of her lungs, “100!!!!!” and took a bow! There is just something special about reaching the coveted 100 mark!

About a year ago I received a phone call to learn that my 6-year-old granddaughter, Eliza, dribbled the basketball 100 times (in her kitchen no less!).  My granddaughter Calla at 10 years old  has read 100 books, more cause for celebration, and my grandson, Matt, shot 100 shots from the foul line every day for a month  as part of a science experiment. Last night I sat next to a man who is about to celebrate his 100th birthday, even more reason for celebration. Reaching 100 of anything is significant!

Today, I am celebrating another “100 Celebration” because this post is my 100th SUCCESSTROGEN blog! Not wanting to blow this out of proportion,   I am well aware of the limited impact my blogs have had. My accomplishment surely has not  solved the issue of the homeless in downtown Sarasota or fed the hungry children around the world! But it certainly is on a par with dribbling a basketball 100 times or shooting 100 foul shots, don’t you think?

One hundred blogs! While I did not set out with a goal of writing 100 blogs, publishing my 100th is an emotional milestone for me. Far too often in life I have become interested in something and shortly thereafter lost interest. But writing blogs has been different.  My youngest son, Matt, coined the term, SUCCESSTROGEN, for me and then helped me set up my blog site. And that was that. I am as excited today as I was when I posted my first blog in May of 2011.  I had both the determination and the platform to share my thoughts about living every day and striving to be at one’s personal best.  Unlike most things I take on, writing weekly posts causes me zero  stress.  Frankly, I look forward to the quiet time, alone, to relax and reflect about my day and make sense of my life.

At  first my audience was  mostly my family and a few tennis friends.  Just as I am celebrating writing 100 blogs, my friend, Carol, should also celebrate reading all 100 blogs! I delight in the diversity of  my SUCCESSTROGEN audience. Some of you are actively improving the community in which you live,  others are spending time on the beach or in the mountains enjoying what you worked hard to enjoy.  Some of you are young moms and others are grandmothers. Some of you are business women, doctors and attorneys, and others are writers and artists.  I have known some of you for many years, and others I have never met. Some of you live in countries I have never traveled to, and others live right in my condo building.  In one case, a woman happened upon SUCCESSTROGEN and now four generations of her family read the weekly posts.   You represent all age groups and  at least one of you that I know of has reached her 100th birthday. A few of you are men.

Thank you, Matt, for the name and the site and all the coaching upfront. Thank you, readers, for reading SUCCESSTROGEN however often, sharing the site with others, and continually refining what success means to you.

It’s a happy day for me.  I am glad at one time I had 100 crayons and could jump 100 times on a pogo stick, but today I am just happy that I wrote 100 blogs!  I hope it is a happy day for you as well.

8 responses to “The Significance of 100

  1. Love this! Congratulations!

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  2. Congratulations, Mary Ann !! To the next 100 !!

  3. Congrats! 100 is a magic number and significant milestone!

  4. Thank you Lauren and Jane for reading and reading more!!!

  5. Love this! Congrats and can’t wait to read the next hundred!!!

  6. MA…I love reading your blogs, although sometimes it takes me a “few” days to do that!! But whenever I read them, they are always thought provoking &/or inspiring. Congratulations on your century milestone…I’m looking forward to the next 100.
    ❤️ MK

  7. Glad you found value in the Significance of 100—hopefully you will find other blogs helpful too. Thank you for your kind words. Be well, Mary Ann

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