Sometimes Good is Just Not Good Enough


When I watch TV shows like The Voice and X-Factor, I am sometimes blown away by the raw singing talent among the younger population.  In my mind, any of these singers could  make a record that would be downloaded and heard on radios around the globe.  Yet at some point,  these talented young adults get eliminated from the show because while they are good, they are just “not good enough” to win it all.

I just finished reading a book that came  highly recommended. I am on a “non-fiction kick” and was hoping the book would be one of those I simply could not put down. But it wasn’t.  It was good, just not good enough.  The rescue story of three plane crash survivors in New Guinea was well written and interesting. But it was not good enough for me to keep turning the pages at night nor good enough for me to want to sneak off  to a quiet spot on the water mid-day to find out what was happening to the characters.  It was just not good enough for me to recommend to another reader.

Sometimes, good is just not good enough.

I am good at a lot of things, but sometimes that is just not enough. Sometimes my writing is good but just not good enough to generate tens of thousands of readers or capture the attention of a publisher.  Sometimes I am just not good enough to play at a 4.0  level of tennis, or beat someone at Words with Friends. Sometimes I am just not good enough to win someone’s heart.

A more current example of good not being enough is about my teaching position.  I love teaching in the MBA program at the University of South Florida in Tampa.  I love the students, impacting their ability to communicate effectively, and I love reading and grading their assignments.  Even the long drive home from Tampa to Sarasota has become something I love. I have given the class all that I have and loved every minute of my role as Professor O’Neil.  The students are fully engaged in the classroom and rated the course highly in the university-led evaluations.  They even added a note on their evaluations saying this was their “best course ever!” There is no question that I have done a very good job teaching at the university, no question.  But the problem is that when only one section of this class is needed for a semester,   I (newest adjunct) will not be teaching it–because sometimes “good is just not good enough.”

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN give life their all–they get fully into things and do the very best they can, every day, to contribute to their family, their community, and their career.  While they appreciate the accolades, celebrations, and recognition  for doing well,  these women are aware that in doing their very best, the best reward of all is the intrinsic reward of knowing they did their best. It is on the knowing they did their best that they thrive, gaining energy to do even more.

I did my best, an awareness that encourages me to find another university where I can do my best again.  Sometimes, “good is just not good enough”,  but I am driven by that internal drive to do my best again…somewhere….soon.

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