Create JOY


Recently while standing on an unusually long line at Starbucks, I found myself reviewing the products on the shelf. Holiday Blend Coffee, red and white striped mugs,  and many “stocking stuffers” filled the shelves.  Then my eyes landed on one of my favorite items —a round tin of hot chocolate mix.  On the label it said, “Create Joy”, followed by a fun tagline that read, “Everything you need to create sweet holiday moments.”

And as these moments in time so often speak to me, the bright red container seemed to do just that.  I blog frequently about my personal mission to positively impact others and all of a sudden I realized  how very broad that mission is–too broad perhaps! Whereas the idea of “creating joy,” is specific and direct:  Go and create a situation that helps others feel happy inside, smile, and experience joy. The tagline, “Create sweet holiday moments,” reminds me that the impact needs to be  memorable so that others can recall the moment, actually feel the joy again, at a later point in time, and again after that, if needed.

Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time talking about a mishap, an illness, or any other “ain’t it awful” moment.  Sometimes we find ourselves recalling an awful moment that happened years ago, one that we should have forgotten by now!!!!!!  The result of recalling something that once created negative feelings is that we experience the negative junk all over again!!!!   We re-live the experience with the man who was unfaithful to us, the investment account lost in the recession, or the promotion we didn’t get.

Oddly enough, however, when we experience something joyous, the good feeling only lasts a moment, and we fail to benefit from recalling that experience at a later date.  Why is that?  Surely just as recalling something negative makes us feel badly again, recalling something joyous would make us experience the joy all over again!!!! Create Joy…Re-create Joy!!!!!  That is the message on the hot chocolate container…

Create Joy! Re-create Joy!

There I was in Starbucks.  In my compulsive need to act immediately, it will not surprise you to learn that I gave my umbrella to the well dressed woman waiting for the rain to stop so she would not get soaked on her way to an interview at the bank.  She looked joyful when I gave her my umbrella, and undoubtedly will retell the story creating more joy around her.  And if she gets the job???-Oh my goodness she will tell this story again and again.  And me? Yes, I got soaked but I felt great! After all, I created JOY, and this JOY had the potential of being recreated several times over!

Holiday music, TV advertisements, and greeting cards all remind us of the joy in giving this time of year.  Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN unconsciously create joy as they go throughout their day, every day, throughout the year.  They do not need a holiday or a label on a can of hot chocolate to remind them.  They smile, recognize, and make others feel valued without even having to think about it.

Create Joy! That’s what I want to do, every day for the rest of my life.  I can do that by smiling, and greeting, and taking time to recognize others.  I can make others laugh.  I can spend time with, bring a gift to, and hold hands with others to add to the joy in their lives. I can remind others of past joys to re-create the joy they once experienced. And consequently, I will add JOY to my life as well.

Join me please, and create JOY!  Imagine how incredible we will all feel if we create and re-create JOY all around us!

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