Annual Christmas Poem

dreamstime_m_27777293Ever since the days of old,

Kids believed in Santa, or so I am told.

But did they really think a man in a red suit

Drove a sleigh across the sky and wore heavy black boots?

I am not really sure, but I must admit

That my belief in Santa will never quit!

Of course, not the “sleigh and red suit thing”,

But belief in giving, that sort of thing.

I need only to walk up the street to see

That there are many less fortunate on earth than me!

I can keep on walking, pretending not to see

Or I can embrace them as though they were family.

Surely if family, I would stop and chat

Making sure they had food, gloves, and a hat.

My message about giving is not limited to those “on the street”,

It’s about giving to everyone, each day as we meet.

The gifts I am suggesting are not foil-wrapped with a bow,

They are the intangible gifts, the best gifts I know.

They are smiles, happy words, and sometimes just in time,

An invite to share a glass of wine.

Let’s crank up the giving to all that we meet

To family and friends, and strangers on the street!

Let’s walk with our heads up so we see all others

Remembering they are our sisters and brothers.

Join me, please, on this small campaign

As we toast the New Year with a glass of champagne

From me, you will receive, I can promise you

Many smiles and happy words the whole year through.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all!

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