Just One

dreamstime_m_22920679I love the start of something new.  “New” is packed with all the potential imaginable!!!!!  Opening a new jar of peanut butter.  Breaking through the untouched, smooth surface offers a taste far better than the second and third spoonfuls could ever.  Wearing a new outfit for the first time gets the attention I seem to crave to validate that at 68 I still look good.  Starting a new book offers me an opportunity to drift in and out of a fantasy world as I please. A new relationship has all the potential of bringing someone into my life to dazzle, entertain and most important, understand me in a way that no man before has ever done! I love the start of something new!

Here we are, at the  start of a brand new year–lots of new opportunity awaits! Previously each year, I created a list of New Year’s Resolutions, generally 2-3 targeted self-improvement opportunities. Over the years I have lost weight and kept the weight off, started my own business, established myself as a “learned woman” with advanced degrees, traveled to broaden my understanding of other cultures,  and taught at the university level.  Writing my New Year’s Resolutions/Goals each year since the early 1980’s has served me well.

As I approach 2014, I find myself where I always wanted to be.  I am in good health, both body and soul.  My belief in God is as strong today as it ever was and as a result, I never feel alone.  I am in good physical shape and continue to work out daily. My children and grandchildren are central in my life. I do not pretend anything.  I play tennis as well as I wish to play.  I spend time with those I wish to spend time with, I have a lovely home with a fabulous view, and I lead a very active lifestyle. Netted out,  I like who I am.

Women with High SUCCESSTROGEN levels like themselves, who they are and how they behave.  They have clear goals with visual plans to get them there. They continue to move forward, even when  obstacles appear out of nowhere. Their focus is ahead, their determination is relentless.  They remove or at least minimize unhappiness centers in their lives, and broaden their happiness centers.  Most people would say I have high SUCCESSTROGEN as I have just described it yet, there is one goal that has been on my list for longer than I wish to say.  And this very goal stands in the way of my rating myself really High SUCCESSTROGEN:  I have not written and published a book.

The goal of writing/publishing a book has been on my resolution lists for many years, but now that I compare it to other goals I have accomplished, writing/publishing a book has never been realistic for me.  The vision has not been specific and  the “how-to”, a written plan, never materialized. With both of those lacking,  I am not sure the determination has been there either! Without the combined specific vision, written plan, and determination, how could I ever expect it to happen???????

And there you have it, my New Year’s Resolution for this year, is JUST ONE. I hear a little voice in my head saying I should also eliminate sugar from my life, but not this year.  Sugar reduction will be on next year’s list. This year, I cannot clutter my list with any distractions.  The theme for 2014 for me is JUST ONE.   I will write a book. Accomplishing that one goal will make this a great year for me.

And you?  Any plans for making this year a great one for you personally?????

2 responses to “Just One

  1. I applaud your resolution and can’t wait until my 2015 resolution is to read SUCCESSTROGEN!

  2. Well, welcome to the SUCCESSTROGEN family of readers! I am glad to hear from you and trust you are well. Let me know how work is going for you in TN. I have a potential client again in Nashville and hope to make a trip there in the next month or two and perhaps we can catch up!!!

    Be well!
    Mary Ann

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