dreamstime_m_4169211I have a passion about women starting their own businesses so I am intrigued by a new opportunity  to assist young women in the journey. Before the initial meeting, I gathered my thoughts and jotted down some questions.  While doing so, I mis-numbered my list and while it was only a list for me, my OCD personality could not go further until I corrected the error.  I flipped my pencil to the other end and erased  my mistake.  It was just that simple. I made a mistake, recognized it, and erased it, leaving no trace of the mistake.

As a young child, I cherished my pencil box that housed number 2 pencils each with their own eraser tip, and a large Pink Pearl eraser. The pencil-tip eraser worked well when I made a mistake and put the “i” before the “e” in “receive” on a spelling test.  But I used my large Pink Pearl eraser for the really big mistakes, like when my entire long-division turned out wrong. After all,  I only wanted my teacher to see my right answers, not my mistakes.

As an adult, I still do not like to make mistakes, but I do and my Pink Pearl is no longer helpful.   I make mistakes on the tennis court when I poach and hit the ball into the net.  Last year, on a “buy American” kick, I traded in my BMW for a Ford Fusion, and now I miss my old car.  I made several mistakes in real estate over the years when I  bought  high and sold low.  I cannot erase these mistakes, deny them, or blame them on anyone else.

Sophia Loren offered an interesting view on mistakes, when she said…

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.”

Sophia was encouraging us to risk, to put ourselves out there, and therefore lead a full life.  She would  say I lead a full life as a single woman, no question!  She would regard my move downtown, my independence and my repeated attempts at finding Mr Right as putting myself out there.  But she would not be pleased that I have not taken the risk to live in Italy for a few months on my own.  And she would frown that I have not yet sent an outline of my book to a publisher for fear of rejection!

The message is to go and fearlessly make mistakes, and enjoy all that life has to offer.  Our mistakes add color and dimension to who we are.  They are  part of our story, the way we got from there to here.

Women with High SUCCESSTROGEN are not perfect.  They make mistakes,  acknowledge them, and use them to guide them.  They do not hide their mistakes,  pretend they didn’t make them, or blame someone else for them.  They own them and rarely repeat the same one twice.  High SUCCESSTROGEN women use their mistakes to tell their story,  to share a key life learning, and to help someone else avoid making the same error.

There is no Pink Pearl to erase many of our mistakes.  But we do not need to erase them. We need to embrace our mistakes because they  remind us of how we got here and because they provide the path for the next part of our journey.

So with that being said,  I am kind of glad I didn’t have a Pink Pearl for all those mistakes!

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