“Find Your Grail”


Every once in a while I enjoy live theater so much, I return to see the same show  again. My favorite theater experience is an upbeat show with one song that catches my attention, one that I continue to sing as I exit the theater and for days and weeks after the performance.  A good example is the song, Hakuna Matata  (“no worries”) from Lion King.  I saw the show three times and sang the song for years!

Recently,  I saw a Monty Python show, Spamalot. It was downright silly and fun, and I left the show singing the theme song, “Find Your Grail.” Spamalot is the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round table who have a quest to find the Holy Grail.  Last week I took my  friend, Janet, to see it, her first time and my fourth time!  We both left the theater singing “Find Your Grail” as we walked home.

The words of the song have truly resonated with me as they seem to sum up what I am always saying  to you.  If I were helping you with your tennis game, I would say find your sweet spot, the place where the ball and your racket meet, resulting in your best shot. If I were offering professional coaching about starting a sales career, I would encourage you to know your product well, to develop a consistent plan to develop  your pipeline, and to discipline yourself to cold-call daily.

But if you were  floundering, unsure  of what to do with your life,  perhaps a bit down,  or looking for a new challenge, I would sing “Find your Grail” from Spamalot. I realize the very thought of my singing to you would discourage most of you from ever telling me that you are floundering, but the words of the song are very powerful.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN have found their grail, that passion that gives them focus, energy and happiness . And they know when they need a change, when they need to search for a new grail.

I have found my grail several times in my lifetime.  I found it becoming a mom, starting  the O’Neil School, getting my PhD, moving downtown and I am happy to say, just last week, I found it again!!!!!!!! This time I have accepted a position as CEO of a startup business, an online based organization for mompreneurs who have a new business idea.  Our company will help the young moms develop their idea, write a business plan, and get funding so they can bring their product or service to the market place.  I am ecstatic to be chosen to lead this company and work with incredible women  who seem to have found their grail.

Go find your Grail.  I do not know what it is, but you know, so go get it!  And if you do not know, then figure it out, look around, see what grabs your attention and what gets your passion stirring. There is no better feeling than finding your grail.

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