Change is up to the Children



I was supposed to be at a wedding last weekend however an array of kidney stones keeps me close to home.  My nephew, Jamie, was getting married to his partner, Dave.  While I haven’t seen Jamie in over 20 years, I wanted to attend the wedding and celebrate this wonderful occasion.  I would have  traveled to Maryland where they will be married and then on to the University of Richmond for the reception the following day.

I cannot help but think how aghast my parents would have been to hear of this marriage between two men.  My parents had difficulty years ago when my cousin Susan announced that she was to marry Mark, someone outside of the Catholic faith. Imagine? Mom and Dad carried on for months at the dinner table about how disgraceful it was.   Imagine how long they would have carried on had Susan said she was marrying Martha!!!!!

In direct contrast to my parents reaction, I am delighted to note a conversation with one of my grandchildren who will be attending Jamie and Dave’s wedding. She  asked if Jamie and Dave were going to have children one day.  “I imagine they will”  I replied wondering what questions would be following.   There were no more questions, just a simple reply:   “Cool!” My granddaughter said. ” Because I already have a friend with two moms and now I will have a  friend with two dads!”

And right there at that very moment, I realized  a culture change  has occurred in our family.  Prejudice doesn’t exist amongst my grandchildren and their parents. The century-old narrow-minded  mold about an Italian Catholic man marrying only an Italian Catholic woman,  characteristic of my upbringing,  was broken. While I  hope to keep the strong work ethic of my parents alive as well as their emphasis on education, I am happy to put their prejudices to rest for once and for all.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN are not hindered by prejudice that may have characterized their previous generations.  They see beyond the limitations of their predecessors. They embrace diversity and all that comes with it. They know their companies cannot flourish if all minds think like theirs. Their personal lives reflect an openness to other cultures  and life styles and that is the model they offer their children.

Prejudice is lopsided thinking.  To hold to the belief that all Italians are connected to the Mafia, or all Mormons have more than one wife, are examples of lopsided, imbalanced thinking.  We probably all have some prejudice within us, some way of judging others and lumping them together by some weak thread of commonality.  What happens is that we meet someone with a distasteful habit or style and we lump them in with a bunch of other people to add credence to our judgment.  Even though we cannot actually find information to validate our prejudice, we  filter new data to make it fit our present mind-set. We have far too many examples of the ramifications of prejudice for us not to be alert to our own lopsided thinking.

I am counting on our children and grandchildren to bring about the change needed, regarding the elimination of harmful prejudice. In the meantime,  we can all work to free our minds of our own prejudice, freeing up space for more valuable information storage.

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