Go the Distance


I  just returned from an 8 day vacation in London and feel out of shape. It was time for a good solid workout to get back on track. Today I needed to “Go the Distance” which for me is a 5 mile brisk walk. While doing so, I passed by a renovation site for a new business. The shop, Fit2Run, is an apparel and gear shop for athletes, specifically runners. While renovations are continuing for a fall opening, there are several signs posted in the window about job opportunities.  I am not interested in selling sports gear so I will not be responding to the job posts, however I was drawn to the company tagline:

Fit2Run:  Go the Distance

Having decided just a few minutes earlier to “Go the Distance”, I immediately felt a connect with this new store.  I realize the reference is for the runner suggesting that she “go the distance”, rather than quit before the end of her run. Broadening the message in the tagline,  I can only expect  that Fit2Run  will “Go the Distance” and provide excellent products as well as a pleasant shopping experience to its customers. If the management and employees truly embrace their own tagline and “Go the Distance”, they will be successful and the store will prosper and flourish.

Go the Distance…This is the message I gave myself as I stepped out my front door, the message that was validated by the sign in the Fit2Run window.  The meaning of the phrase spreads well beyond the sporting apparel industry.  I believe we are all put on this earth to “Go the Distance.”  My friend Pat has an aging dad and I observe her “Go the Distance” providing him with the best of care and visiting him every single day.  Helen, the concierge in my building, goes the distance by providing care for the residents well beyond her front desk responsibilities.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN “Go the Distance” in every aspect of their lives.  When they first discovered their passion, there was no question that they would “Go the Distance”, doing whatever they had to do to be successful. These successful women  consistently take care of themselves and others and continue to seek opportunities to do more. When they are competing, they “Go the Distance” to win. When they are leading an organization they “Go the Distance” by creating a culture that engages associates and influences customers.  And when they are helping others, they “Go the Distance” to help them be successful, too.

Whether you “Go the Distance” with your life is not for anyone other than you to decide and assess.  If you are truly interested in being at your personal best, then you “Go the Distance”, everyday.  You don’t quit before you get there and you don’t look for short cuts, or the easy way out. You “Go the Distance.”

I am going to take a look at my life and assess where I “Go the Distance” and where I fall short.  I am clear that I am my happiest when I am at my personal best, so my happiness is my motivator for me to “Go the Distance.”

Any interest in taking a look at yourself and deciding if  you want to be at your personal best and if you are willing to “Go the Distance?”   Once you decide to “Go the Distance”, the rest, that is creating a plan and following it,  is relatively easy because the motivation is the strength that ensures you will “Go the Distance.”.


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