Dot-to-Dot Philosophy





I am about to visit my  twin grandchildren in Rumson, NJ.  While browsing through Amazon for something fun to bring them, I came upon a dot-to-dot book. My mind quickly flashed back to a wonderful memory.  As a child, every July we would take a 2 week motor trip. Weeks before our departure date, my mother would take me to the toy store and we would buy a book to read and a dot-to-dot book for me to enjoy while hours in the car each day.  I was not able to use them until the suitcases were packed in the car and we had resolved the issue of who would have the window seats and who would be stuck in the middle.  Being the youngest of three children, I ALWAYS got the middle seat missing half the sites pointed out by my brother Mike who maintained control the AAA travel map.

But sitting in the middle didn’t bother me as long as I had my brand new dot-to-dot book. It’s cover was smooth and shiny and I remember just sitting there, squished in the middle seat, clinging on to my new book.  Perhaps the best thing about it was that it was mine, all mine. My brothers had no interest in a dot-to-dot exercise. And frankly my dot-to-dot time took me out of the ongoing conversation about the stock market and allowed me to mentally go into my pretend world of a famous writer whose works were adored by all–it was a good place to go then and frankly a pretend world I still retreat to!!!!

The dot-to-dot exercise presents many different individual dots, milestone points, arranged in a particular fashion. One does not fully comprehend  and the full understanding of the page until  all the dots are connected. When completed, if  the dots are connected in the proper order, a picture is revealed, and all of a sudden the individual dots are no more. Now together,they all make sense…they connect.

Women with high SUCCESSTROGEN connect the dots throughout their lives, making sense of their challenges and life events, and then making good choices based on that information.  Baffled at the time, I now fully understand the positive value of my divorce. Faced with several paths, I choose independence and that decision presented a string of more dots that led me to start my Consulting firm, begin writing SUCCESSTROGEN, and achieve my doctorate.  Those dots led me to dump the junk and simply my life in sync with my value set, and those dots led me to move downtown and expand my athletic world to include the arts.   And there are more dots. Dots to do with family and friends and other decisions to allow new people into my life, and exclude others from it.

The dot-to-dot philosophy presents the dots separately, and the task is ours to connect them and get the full picture. The risk of not connecting the dots is that we focus on the disappointments and hardships over the years and become bitter or sad, allowing those events to define us.  The dot-to-dot philosophy suggests you see your life as individual dots, and you take the time to connect your dots and get the full picture.  The philosophy is about embracing the individual, sometimes unpleasant dots and looking to see how they are part of a plan to get to a better place.  Once you have connected the dots and see the full picture, the DTD philosophy suggests that you  turn the page because surely there are more dots to come.

You may wish to record your own dots, and connect them and feel good about where you are today.  If you will excuse me now, I am going to turn my page with anticipation of a whole lot more dots and a life that is ever evolving.




3 responses to “Dot-to-Dot Philosophy

  1. My daughter sent me your blog as it’s been awhile since we connected. My life the last few years has been a series of dots and I have connected many thank goodness. Doing well and spending time in Pt Pleasant NJ . Look forward to having you back in my pond. Warmest hellos. Robin

  2. HI Robin!!!!! So good ot hear from you. Let, please let’s get together when you return. I am in Rumson NJ visiting my grandchildren next Friday thru Tuesday, then home here again. I am sorry I dropped the ball.

  3. The music, while pleasurable in its wubby method, is inferior to Considerably Cry 2’s eerie strings and hand-drums.

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