Back to School



September is one of my favorite months as it signifies the beginning of a new  school year and I always loved school.  In grade school, I truly loved getting all my school supplies together (especially new crayons!!), carefully printing my name on all my new notebooks, sharpening my pencils and waiting on pins and needles to learn the name of my new classroom teacher.  I attended a private girls high school, believe it or not, The Academy of the Holy Angels, and I well recall the excitement of starting a new school and branching out of Hackensack and meeting girls from all over the county.  While I was way too cool then to start high school with sharpened pencils, trust me, I wanted to!  My first days at Marymount in  Tarrytown were a little more anxiety driven because it was not my choice but rather my mother’s.  But the excitement to start school reappeared full force when I began my PhD program and lasted throughout the program.

This September  I am preparing  to teach in the graduate program at USF Tampa.  Could my students possibly be as excited as I am about Business Communication  GEB 6215?  On the surface it sounds like a nothing kind of course and is initially likely discounted as not very important, or worse still, an “easy A.” Boy are the students in for a surprise!

Here’s the thing.  I believe that communication is a strategic asset to our success and happiness.  How well we get through our lives is dependent on how well we can communicate. We spent hours in grammar school learning the states and capitals, how to find the area of a triangle, and identifying the types of clouds. But oddly enough, we have never been taught how to communicate!!! We probably no longer remember all the states and capitals, have never had to find the area of a triangle, nor  felt the need to name a cloud. Yet everyday of our lives we are challenged with communication issues  at work and in our personal relationships.  The words we use, our tone of voice, and our body language, all impact our message and unfortunately our message is often either lost or received badly. Most of us would benefit from communication skills enhancement.

Women with High SUCCESSTROGEN are recognized as having excellent communication skills. They  speak clearly and articulate their point of view. They are influential and engaging.  They listen well, ask pertinent questions, and engage others in a conversation.  They know how to negotiate in a win/win way getting valuable results and commitment from others.  These women have perfected their communication style to be authentic and respectful and as a result have little difficulty gaining a followership.

So this two-credit class on Business Communication is most valuable to my students looking to start a career in business.  My students in the Class of 2016 are the lucky ones, because they will have  a chance to examine and alter their communication style and effectiveness, which I believe will lead to their success and happiness in all that they do.

Don’t you wonder why more emphasis isn’t placed on  communication skills in the curriculum starting with young children?  While students know the formula for finding the area of a triangle, they continue to struggle to communicate what’s going on in their lives to their parents, teachers, and friends.





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