Holiday Wishes


I cannot believe it is already time

For me to send you my Christmas rhyme

This year has been busy as you will see

Especially with my teaching at the university.


The calendar is full for Jim and for me

With concerts and movies and FST

The Van Wezel, Ballet and the Asolo,

Movies and the Orchestra, always on the go!


I put my racket away, now it’s a driver and putter

Oh the words under my breath I often utter!

When I step up to that annoying little ball

A swing with all my might, it doesn’t move at all!


Recently I created a “Get a Dream Job” event

For Grad students in Sports and Entertainment Management.

“Power Placement” is set and ready to go

It’s unique and will benefit the students I know!


SUCCESSTROGEN continues to encourage all others

To do good and be kind to their sisters and brothers

But I find myself plagued with “What can I do?”

To bring change Downtown for me and for you!


I am not sure what  I will choose to do

But when I decide I will be glad to tell you!

Until then if you happen to be looking for me

I’m on this site, or in the lobby laughing… Helen, Leah and me!


My children are well and continue to achieve

Each with a clear vision, effectively they lead.

Twenty four of us in all ensures that we

Remind all others of the importance of FAMILY!


May 2015 bring you good health and a smile

As we are on this earth for such a short while!

Be kind and patient, cut each other some slack

Trust me when you do, it all comes back!!


Merry.Merry and Happy, Happy!!!!





2 responses to “Holiday Wishes

  1. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy New Years Mary Ann.

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